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Best Valentines Jewelry Gifts for Women in 2022

Updated January 2022

Valentine’s gifts are a symbol of your love. Gifts that are great for your girlfriend, mother, or your beloved partner in life. Give a Valentine’s Day gift that says, “You’re special to me”.

We make it easy for you to find the perfect gift with this list of jewelry ideas representative of the holiday, in a variety of styles, gemstones, and prices ranging from $125 – $9000. 

For your convenience, order online or we can wrap your gift and deliver it curbside to you in Austin, Texas.

Give Her Your Heart

It’s for Valentine’s Day so naturally let’s start with a heart-shaped necklace.

Exceptional vibrant pink sapphires bedazzle you.

Featuring an 18K white gold setting highlighting the diamonds and an 18K pink gold chain highlighting the sapphires.

Smaller than a dime, measuring 11m x 9mm, it’s an adorable petite size perfect for everyday wear.

Pearls, Wonderful Pearls

The most enduring of all gems and known as the Queen of Gems. We think this makes the pearl a great symbol of enduring love for your Valentine. Plus, pearls run the gamut on price range and many are very affordable.

First in our pearl lineup, a trés chic pearl and diamond circle pendant.

So gorgeous in its simplicity! Plus, the enduring pearl and the eternity circle are both significant symbols of love.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Next, a quality strand of Keshi pearls,  Extra Fine grade.

As you can see even in this photo, the luster from these pearls is phenomenal. The reason? Nacre (nay-kur) is the material that gives a pearl its lustre and unlike other pearls, Keshi pearls are all, 100% nacre.

Therefore, you get much more depth from its rich glowing luminosity.

Lastly, a classic! The simple, lustrous pearl bracelet, the perfect accessory by itself or layered.

A must-have that goes with your cocktail dress, formal wear, and a staple with vintage clothing and retro styles. And let’s face it, it looks great paired with a t-shirt and jeans too.

This bracelet is a standard 7-inch length with a sterling silver pearl clasp.  Starting at $125.

Amethysts For Your Valentine

What could be better for your Valentine than February’s own gemstone, Amethyst? Not only is it beautiful and popular, but it’s also a great affordable option for Valentine’s gifts.

Amethyst also makes our list for its gorgeous hues of forever-romantic purple. Plus, it commemorates the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

First, we have a vivid royal purple Amethyst in a rose gold pendant with diamonds.

There is something so luscious about the color combo of royal purple and soft rose gold that is so engaging.

Includes an easy on/off locking bail.

Next, an Amethyst and diamond necklace in 14K yellow gold from the very popular Olivia B Collection.

She’s very good at using these smooth or cabochon cut gems that give her wearable art an easy-to-wear everyday feel. Plus, purple goes equally well with warm and cool colors.

So, it looks good with everything.

Thirdly, is a wonderful Mid-century modern Amethyst ring from our Estate Collection. This ring exemplifies why Mid-century modern design is so popular again with its clean lines but not too minimalist.

Features like the inset diamonds in prong settings and the cut-out gallery give the ring some striking architectural aesthetics.

Fabulous 14 X 10mm amethyst and almost 1/3 carat (.30ct.) of I1-2 quality diamonds.

Last in the amethyst roundup, the ever classic and eternal emerald cut Amethyst pendant topped with three small diamonds. Extremely popular and so easily wearable.

Outstanding in its simplicity, this 12.60 carat deep purple amethyst pendant goes with every color and every style imaginable. 14K white gold.

Romantic Red to Pink Gemstones

Red and pink gemstones have long been associated with love and romance. So, we thought it only fitting to add rubies, garnets, and tourmalines to your list.

Let’s start with this highly popular Garnet and diamond Y necklace.

Designed with a bezel frame around the garnet allowing light to shine through so you get more color and brilliance from the gem.

In 14K yellow gold with three small diamonds at the Y.

These Garnet and diamond earrings pair very nicely with the necklace above. Or, create a dramatic effect all on their own.

The deep sultry red color really pops thanks to the light that comes through the bezel framed dangling garnets. Sensational styling in 14K yellow gold.

The total diamond weight is .15ct.

Pretty in pink, a vibrant 3ct. Pink Tourmaline all wrapped up in pink sapphires, white gold & diamonds.

Notice the beautiful design elements, like the checkerboard cut tourmaline with the more squared-off, Art deco style wide split prongs around the pink sapphires.

These settings were popular during the Art deco era and even into the 1950s.

A super romantic pair of Pink Moonstone earrings from French designer Christophe Danhier.

A hypnotic blend of almost 10 carats of pink moonstones with vibrant deep pink sapphires and velvety pink gold. Absolutely scintillating!

The moon-like glow is highlighted by .70 cts. of high-quality diamonds.

Red Rubies

Known for thousands of years as the King of Gems, the ruby is one of the most historically significant gemstones. Long associated with love and passion, and also power, determination, and self-confidence, think Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

Rubies are on the list of every gemstone connoisseur!

This ring features a full one-carat deep red ruby-like you don’t see very often.

Partnering perfectly with the ruby is almost 2/3 ct. (.65ct.) brilliant VS quality diamonds. Set in glowing 18K rose gold makes this ring absolutely stunning!

Ruby celebrates the 15th and 40th anniversaries and is an outstanding choice for a bride!

Deeply saturated in color, the 4.63 ct. ruby cabochon in this ring glows.

Cabochon refers to the smooth dome-like cut that gives this ring a distinctive and exotic feel. This polished gem is highly reflective and yet exhibits a mesmerizingly deep pinkish-red. 

A stand-out in 18K white gold with 2/3 cts. high-quality diamonds.