Clasp Repair & Replacement

Unsure if your clasp is too loose, too tight or isn’t functioning properly? Call or come in and let our experts guide you on what kind of help your clasp needs.

Clasp repair and replacement is something we do all the time at Copeland Jewelers. After all, Austinites have trusted us for 35 years in just these kinds of issues.

No Clasp Repair Job is Too Small

No job involving jewelry is too small. Down to the tiniest of details, like a simple spring ring clasp. Sometimes repairing half of a clasp or making a simple adjustment, if that’s all you need.

When it’s not repairable we’ll help you decide on a new clasp. Helping you figure out which handles best and fits your style and budget best. Explaining to you how they work and what advantages or disadvantages each may have. Plus, our staff can show you real-life examples so that you can try the mechanisms yourself.

What may seem to be a tiny repair, like a clasp, can have dire consequences. If you think you have a broken or loose clasp on your necklace or bracelet, contact us at Copeland Jewelers.

Quick and Convenient

Our clasp repair and clasp replacement services are quick, simple, and done by our experienced professionals in our on-site shop.

Bring us the clasp in question and we can:

  • simply adjust your clasp
  • repair the clasp
  • replace the clasp for you

Clasp Repair & Replacement Pricing

Getting you an estimate for repairs is always where we start when you bring your jewelry in and we can examine the issues.

However, here’s a good idea of the cost of replacing 3 different types of clasps:

  • 5mm spring ring clasp in 14K gold…$30, in gold-filled…$15, in sterling silver…$15
  • 14K gold 2mm barrel or small lobster clasp…$45, 3mm or medium lobster…$65, large lobster…$95 and up
Give us a call or visit our location in Davenport Village on Loop 360 at Westlake Drive for any clasp repair or replacement needs!

Several Examples of Different Types of Clasps:

Spring ring clasp, usually the least expensive option
Barrel clasps screw together like a light bulb in a socket.
Toggle clasps are quite often used on bracelets
Fold over clasps open and close at the hinged end
Fish hook pearl clasps lock a “fish hook” from one end inside the other
A contemporary pearl clasp
Barrel clasps have male & female ends that lock with a safety latch