Ring Sizing

Ring sizing can be done at our jewelry store whether you purchased the ring from us or not. Copeland Jewelers is a family jewelry store with a full service attitude. We can make, repair or appraise just about any jewelry and we’ve been doing it for over 35 years. Ring sizing on-site is one of the repairs we do most often and we’re experts at getting the job done right.

Because ring sizing involves some personal preference it is both an art and a science. Several factors contribute to this:

  • Your ring size will vary some from season to season since we all tend to retain more water during hot weather. Therefore, your rings will fit more loosely in the cooler winter months.
  • Some people like their rings to fit more snugly. But others feel that’s uncomfortable. However, you don’t want them so lose that you run the risk of them falling off when you’re in cold weather.
  • Many of us have larger knuckles that make it hard to keep rings fitting properly. Sometimes an expanding shank remedies this.
  • Very wide bands fit tighter than narrowband rings. Therefore, we use sizers of varying widths depending on the ring.

It’s quite common to need a ring sizing during the lifetime of your jewelry. However, the more times a ring is sized the more likely it is to compromise the integrity of its structure. So, don’t be too cavalier about sizing your rings up and down. Be aware, there is such a thing as sizing a ring up or down too much, especially when there are stones involved. Basically, the ring no longer remains round. Bottom line, stones will start falling out.

Prices for Ring Sizing

There will be an additional stone setting fee charged when gemstones must be removed and re-set in order to safely size a ring. Laser welding may be an option, see below.

Come in to see us to obtain an estimate from our jeweler to size gold rings wider than 4mm.

For white gold rings, add $25 if rhodium plating is required.

    • Size Down     $42
    • Size Up          $48

Come in to see us to obtain an estimate from our jeweler to size platinum rings wider than 2mm.

Want to Make the Ring Resizing a Surprise?

If you need to size a ring for someone else and want it to be a surprise:

  • You can try to sneak out a ring (that’s worn on the same finger). Bring it to us and we’ll measure it for you on the spot. If it’s not worn on the same finger it may not be perfect, but it can help as a guide.
  • If taking the ring is too risky, lay it on a piece of paper and trace the inside and outside of the ring.
  • And/or, place it on your own finger and mark your finger where the ring stops.
  • Sometimes you can coerce a close friend or family member to help you. It may be easier for them to sneak a ring out or casually discuss jewelry with them. Maybe they can get them to have your loved one try their ring on to see how it fits and try to use that ring as a guide.

Laser Welding

Ring sizing can be a risky affair. One reason is because heat cannot be applied to gemstones. It can cause cracking, crazing, and breakage. Therefore, a jeweler may have to remove stones before the sizing can happen. And, you run the risk of damaging a stone every time you remove and set it. Plus, the stone setting is an additional fee on top of the sizing charges.

That’s one reason why, in our state-of-the-art shop, we have added a laser welder. Because the heat from the laser welder is concentrated in such a direct spot, the gemstones surrounding the area do not become heated. Call us or come in with your ring sizing project and let us advise you on the best method of sizing for your ring.

Laser welding quotes and estimates available per individual project.