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Bracelet Fine Jewelry

Bracelets come in many different styles. Standard lengths are about 7″-7.5″ for women and 8″ – 8.5″ for men.

Our inventory of bracelets often include types such as

  • link
  • ID
  • bangles
  • hinged bangle
  • flexible/stretch
  • cuff
  • hinged cuff
  • charm
  • toggle
  • tennis or straight line

Straight Line or Tennis Bracelets Are Extremely Popular

Getting their name from the famed tennis player Chrissie Evert, winner of eighteen Grand Slam tournaments, including three Wimbledon Championships.

Known for her chic on-court style, she exuded pure style. Her signature accessory was a straight line diamond bracelet, flexible enough to be comfortable even while slamming shots on the court.

However in 1987, during match play in the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, her bracelet snapped. The match was stopped until the diamond bracelet was found.

Previously popular in the 1920s, this chic bracelet was seen on fashionable women, stacking them in multiples on their wrists. Made from any shape or color of stone.

Chris Copeland Popularized Them Set With Diamonds

To fit in this category, the stones are set in any type of link as long as they’re in a straight line. In addition, interesting combinations are available in alternating patterns of colors and shapes.

We can also guide you through a variety of clasps and closures when needed. However, bangles and flexible or stretch bracelets may or may not use a clasp. Cuff styles do not.