Necklaces and Pendants

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Showing all 3 results

Necklaces and Pendants Are of the Same Family

Whereas necklaces are normally one constructed piece around the neck, a pendant is usually what hangs from a chain or cord.

Necklaces come in several different forms: chokers, pendants, slides, lavalieres, collars of wire; Omegas are flexible collars.

In addition, there are lockets, the layered look, bolo styles, and Y necklaces.

Finally, a string of pearls or beads or a chain of gold or other metal are variations of this category as well.

Copeland Jewelers Is Your Jewelry Store for Necklaces

We have an extensive inventory of diamond, colored gemstone, pearls, and bead necklaces ranging in value from $70 – $70,000.

Search our new Art Deco style necklaces, including Beverley K.

Experience some of the finest enamel work in the world in our Art Nouveau necklaces from Masriera of Barcelona.

Copeland’s also carries award-winning lines of Spark Creations, Bellarri and Lauren K.

Pendants and Chain Lengths

Pendants usually hang from a metal chain of standard lengths of 15-16″, 18″, and 20″.

However, at Copeland Jewelers we can customize your own chain or any chain you purchase from us to the exact length you want. Simply bring in your chain or pick out one of ours. Then, we can help you decide the exact length you need for the outfit you want to wear it with.

Remember, before you come in, know exactly where the collar line hits. Otherwise, wear or bring in the clothing you’re wanting it to fit with.

Tired of Switching Cherished Pendants Back and Forth Onto Different Length Chains?

Let us add a little one or two-inch extension of chain to enable you to wear the chain at two different lengths.

As a result, you will find this to be a convenient and secure answer to your problem.