Fine Jewelry Appraisal Austin TX

Fine jewelry appraisal Austin, TX.

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One of our most frequently asked questions:  YES, we do appraisals! Uncomfortable taking your jewelry to the mall for a fine jewelry appraisal Austin? Sending your fine jewelry or antique pieces out for appraisal only to receive them weeks or months later?

Fine Jewelry Appraisal Austin TX

Copeland Jewelers offers quick, local and convenient fine jewelry appraisal Austin, Texas. Providing these services onsite at our jewelry store in Austin, Texas for both contemporary and vintage jewelry and watches. Performing highly detailed fine jewelry appraisals in Austin for well over 30 years. Taking the utmost care providing you a written appraisal meeting the strict requirements of insurance companies. You can take our jewelry appraisal to the bank, insurance company, or your estate professional. At Copeland Jewelers we can appraise single items or entire collections. When appraising more than one item for you we will discount the rate for the additional items.

Easy Insurance

Ask us about our instant, free, no hassle insurance quote from the same company that insures professional jewelers. So, no more issues with insurance companies that don’t really understand fine jewelry. Plus, in our own personal experiences, we have found Jewelers Mutual to be exceedingly efficient in their services and have always been pleased at their quick hassle free pay-offs. Come into Copeland Jewelers where we can walk you through their online quote system from our own in-house devices. When at Copeland Jewelers we provide you with our tablet already set up to for you to easily access your free quote. No more worries that an insurance company will hound you with emails and calls after you’re quote.

Two Types of Appraisals are Most Common – Insurance Appraisals and Estate Appraisals

Insurance or Replacement Value Appraisals – 

Obviously, Insurance or Replacement Value appraisals are for insurance purposes. Copeland Jewelers jewelry appraisal Austin supplies you a written appraisal with a copy for you and one for your insurance company. Based on your appraisal, your insurance company will cover your fine jewelry for the amounts listed. Because of the insurance premiums you will be paying, an over inflated appraisal does you no favors. If your appraisal is too high you will be overpaying on your insurance premiums. If your appraisal is too low you will find it difficult to replace your lost or stolen items.

When buying fine jewelry, beware of disreputable jewelers who over inflate your appraisal to coincide with the over inflated price they charged for their jewelry. So not only did you pay too much for the jewelry, you also pay higher premiums for insurance as well.

Estate or Fair Market Value Appraisals – 

Not as common, Estate or Fair Market Value Appraisals are usually about 60% of the retail market value. Therefore, insurance replacing your lost or stolen item with brand new jewelry would be difficult. However, when receiving jewelry at deep discounted prices and you don’t want to pay high insurance premiums, opt for an Estate appraisal.

Similarly, most people use these appraisals when passing down heirloom pieces to children and other family members. Because inheriting large pieces of fine jewelry could cost you a lot in taxes. Therefore, some people get Fair Market Value appraisals. Also, knowing the value of individual items makes it easier to divide up your precious fine jewelry.

Or, maybe you’re selling an old diamond ring. The person buying it will likely want an appraisal from an objective professional and the Fair Market Value would be more consistent with the value of the old ring rather than the replacement value for a new ring.

Do You Need a Rider?

Do you need a Rider added to your policy to cover individual items with an appraisal for each item? Depending on your insurance policy and the cost of your fine jewelry, you may be required to consider this option. Talking with your insurance representative fills in details about when you need to get a Rider. It’s usually based on dollar amounts.

More Than Just Diamonds –

If you love those special colored gemstones as much as we do, then we are the folks for your appraisal needs. Copeland Jewelers is a fine jewelry boutique for over 30 years and we’ve been specializing in colored gemstones from the beginning. For that reason, we are more capable of appraising your favorite tourmaline, tsavorite or special sapphire.

Grading Scales and Calculations

All diamond and color clarity grades are per the GIA, Gemological Institute of America.

As is common, we grade stones while mounted in their settings unless otherwise stated. Consequently, it is possible for settings to hide inclusions and make color judgement very difficult and in some cases impossible. Therefore, both color and clarity grades will be approximate. You run the risk of damaging a stone every time you remove or set it. So, don’t make this decision lightly. Therefore, we charge a removal and setting fee, especially for gemstones that break more easily like emeralds.

Unless otherwise stated, all stone weights will be calculated by measurement and formula while stones are mounted in their settings. This can make it very difficult to provide accurate measurements and therefore the calculated weights are approximate.

Unless otherwise stated, all replacement estimates reflect current replacement cost of the item or items, in new condition, within the Austin, Texas area on the date of the estimate.

Because natural pearls are uncommon these days, all pearls appraised are considered cultured unless otherwise stated. Freshwater pearls on their own are usually not valuable enough to warrant appraisal.

*Be aware, that while gemology is a science, appraising is an informed opinion based on the knowledge, experience and expertise of the appraiser. Prices may vary from one appraiser to another depending on their knowledge of the marketplace and the database used in making a replacement estimate.

If you are wondering what a specific piece in your collection is worth, CALL US TODAY for an appointment or appraisal estimate! We can do single piece appraisals or entire collections.

Copeland Jewelers is proud to be your fine jewelry store in Austin, Texas! One of Austin’s most reputable, credible and honest family jewelers for over 30 years.