Plating (Rhodium or 14K Yellow Gold)

Plating in rhodium or 14K yellow gold is a service we offer on-site. In our shop, we can plate almost any piece of fine jewelry for you.

If you’re unhappy with a slight cast of yellow coming from your white gold ring and you want that bright white sheen again, then it’s time to get it re-plated. Or, maybe you’d like to change your white gold pendant into yellow gold.

Bring your jewelry into Copeland’s and we’ll give you a quote on plating your pieces in rhodium or 14K yellow gold and answer any questions you have.

Experience Counts

With decades of experience, our jewelers are knowledgeable about looking out for those few gemstones that do not hold up to re-plating.

Diamonds and most gemstones do not have to be removed and re-set to plate your jewelry. However, there are exceptions. And the results are disastrous when a gem doesn’t hold up to the plating. When stones have to be removed and re-set to apply plating to a piece of jewelry it raises the price greatly.

Does White Gold Turn Yellowish Over Time?

It’s not your imagination if you think your white gold jewelry is looking yellowish or brassy. That’s because the rhodium plating has worn off.

White gold actually starts out yellow and turns white with the addition of nickel alloy. However, the white gold may still have yellow undertones. So, a thin plating of rhodium added at the end gives your jewelry a shiny white radiance. Unfortunately, this plating is likely to wear off over time.

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Keep in mind that every piece of jewelry is unique. Therefore, one of our jewelers will need to actually see your jewelry before we can give you an exact price quote for plating. Generally, the price will be the same whether the plating is in rhodium for silvery-white metals or 14K yellow gold for yellow metals. In addition, plating costs are based on the current prices of gold and rhodium. So, plating costs may fluctuate. To give you a ballpark idea of the cost of plating:

  • for an average ring, we charge $65
  • an average bracelet $85
  • if re-plating your jewelry after a repair we do for you, we only charge $45

It’s just a fact of life, plated metal will wear off over time. Unfortunately, there is NO GUARANTEE on how long plating will last.

How Long Does The Plating Last?

To be honest, plated metals will wear off. Your lifestyle and when and how much you wear your jewelry has everything to do with how long plating will last. That being said, most plating will last at least a year.

Let’s look at some of the worst culprits that wear down plating:

  • Chlorine & saltwater – do not swim in your jewelry.
  • Soaps & detergents – do not bathe in your jewelry and don’t clean house wearing jewelry.
  • Chemicals – put your jewelry on after applying hair sprays, perfumes and other similar products. No house cleaning or gardening!
  • Body oils, sweat & natural acids – unavoidable, but do not exercise or workout in your jewelry.
  • Rubbing – another unavoidable, most common with insides of rings and wearing more than one ring to a finger.

Rhodium or Yellow Gold Plating

Rhodium on White Metals

All gold, including white, green and rose gold, starts out yellow. Alloys are added to change gold’s natural yellow color.

When copper is added it makes yellow gold rose-colored. When nickel is added it makes it white. But, you may still notice some yellow undertones.

Consequently, it’s common for jewelry manufacturers to apply a very thin plating of rhodium. Rhodium is a silver-white metal from the platinum group and is commonly used in this way. Plus, because it does not oxidize it stays shiny white and reflective.

Over time this rhodium plating will likely wear through. Therefore, some people like to have this rhodium reapplied to get back that crisp brilliant white. We apply rhodium with an electroplating process that adds a thin coating to your jewelry.

14K Yellow Gold

If you appreciate that glow that you only get from genuine gold, then consider 14K yellow gold plating.

Maybe you have a piece of fashion jewelry that you love and wear almost every day, but the gold plating is wearing thin. Let’s re-plate it. Or maybe your Mom gave you that little initial pendant when you were a kid and now it looks faded. Let’s re-plate it in yellow gold.

Our jewelers have over 35 years of experience. Call us today and let us know how we can help!