Chain Repair & Soldering

Copeland’s jewelers are experts at chain repair & soldering. With over 70 years of combined experience, our two jewelers can repair almost anything.

In addition, we also have state-of-the-art laser welding capabilities. Although an expensive piece of equipment, in the hands of a skilled jeweler a laser welder makes many difficult repairs more likely and sometimes, more affordable.

Sadly, some chains are just too crushed, thin, or worn to repair. But if there’s a possibility, Clay Copeland and his laser welder are your best bet.

Diamond Wheel Necklaces Duo

No Unsightly Solder Blobs

Copeland Jewelers can repair your broken or damaged chain without those giant blobs of extra metal some repairs leave. Although your chain will usually be a bit stiff where a link of the chain is repaired., you shouldn’t see those big blobs of metal/solder on the links.

Don’t Lose Your Gems To A Broken Chain

A broken or damaged chain can be a dangerous thing when the piece slips from your wrist or neck. Avoid catastrophe, bring in your jewelry for a free cleaning and let us check your chain for weak spots. A little maintenance goes a long way to keeping your precious heirlooms and expensive jewelry safe.

We are a full-service jewelry store in Austin, Texas. Other local jewelry stores bring their jewelry to our shop for service because they know we’re the best.

We would never “yank your chain”, but if someone else does, we can fix it. Easily, affordably, and conveniently!