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Copeland Jewelers is the best place to buy rings because we offer the whole package.

In addition to our wide selection of expertly curated inventory, we have two of the best bench jewelers in Austin, Tx. We can size almost any ring in our case for you in a short time, right here in our shop.

If you prefer, Clay Copeland will custom design and craft your ring so you can get what best suits you. See a ring in our case that you love but you’d rather have a different gemstone or diamond in it? Many times we can switch out stones for you right in our store.

Gemstone security is more important with rings than any other piece of jewelry due to the amount of abuse rings get swinging around on our busy hands.

Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are at the top of the Hardness scale. But they can still get cracked, scratched and broken.

Let us advise you on picking out different gemstones for your ring. We’ll guide you based on the Hardness scale, fragility, varieties of color and your desires and lifestyle.

We Can Help You Update Your Favorite Pieces

Maybe add a ring jacket to completely change the look of your solitaire or camouflage an old wedding ring.

In addition, we can build a custom tracer or contour band to fit perfectly against your engagement ring.

If you decide you want to solder your wedding set together to cut down on wear, we can do that too.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are probably the most well known of all rings.

Worn on the ring finger of the left hand, this was once believed to be the finger that had a direct line to the heart.

Prior to diamonds, different gemstones have been popular for symbolic reasons.

For instance, it is believed blue sapphire brings trust, loyalty, and fidelity to love relationships.

Probably the most famous sapphire wedding ring is Princess Diana’s, now Kate Middleton’s. Arguably, the most famous ring in the world. Consisting of a 12 carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, 14 surrounding diamonds and set in 18K white gold.

Originally costing $36,000 in 1981. Her son Prince William has given the ring to his bride Kate Middleton. Now, the value of this historic ring has increased more than 10 times to $385,000.

And, just like with the engagement of Charles and Diana, with the engagement of William and Kate, people have renewed their love for the sapphire. Resulting in sapphires for engagement rings skyrocketing once again.