Clay Copeland at his jewelry bench performing jewelry repairs.

Jewelry Repair in Austin, Texas

Looking for the best, most trusted and respected jewelry repair, jewelry restoration, and watch repair in Austin, Tx? Then, you’ll want to visit Copeland Jewelers.

Our Jewelry Repair Services

  • Chain Repair & Soldering
  • Clasp Repair
  • Laser welding
  • Pearl & bead stringing, knotted & unknotted
  • Plating – rhodium or 14K yellow gold
  • Polishing & deep cleaning
  • Prong work
  • Re-shanking
  • Ring sizing
  • Soldering jump rings
  • Stone replacement & setting – all types

Experience Counts

First of all, Copeland Jewelers has Clay Copeland! Clay Copeland is an actual bench jeweler, and one of the most respected in Austin.

For that reason, we’ve had a busy on-site shop in Austin, Tx for 35 years. Most people who are called “jewelers” may know gemstones and diamonds or may simply be a salesperson. However, they are not actual bench jewelers and have no experience creating or repairing jewelry firsthand.

So, come into Copeland Jewelers and find out for yourself how nice it is to work with a good bench jeweler you can trust.

Our two jewelers have over 70 years of combined experience at the bench. Experience in jewelry repair, custom jewelry designing, appraising and creating jewelry for customers. Therefore, our jewelers are highly sought after for work few other people are capable of doing.

Because our manager has over 25 years of experience with pearls and bead stringing, she’s the best in town. In addition, our watchmaker is a Rolex certified technician that we have trusted for 2 decades.

Pricing for Repairs & Services

As no two repairs/projects are alike, please be flexible when trying to receive an estimate for costs. You may email or call us about pricing first and we will try our best to help you. However, most times we need to see your jewelry repair or watch before we can give you an accurate estimate. It’s kind of like getting an estimate on a car repair. Since, there may be issues going on that we can only see in person, your estimate could change drastically for unforeseen reasons.

When you bring us an item for jewelry repair we are usually able to give you a quote on the spot. Yet, on occasion, we will need more time to calculate an estimate. This is usually due to the need for compiling prices for stones or materials from outside sources. Copeland Jewelers provides this service for estimate quotes free of charge.

Custom Design Work

Because you want something special, you need someone special like Clay Copeland! Yes, in Austin, Tx you can find a computer programmer, lawyer, engineer, banker or CPA on every corner. But where do you go when you need a talented, respected jeweler? Copeland Jewelers, that’s where. Clay offers custom designs and creations for those one-of-a-kind gifts, people and occasions. Since he has been creating jewelry in Austin, Tx for over 35 years, you know he can be trusted.

*Please remember, you may need to start Custom design and creation by early December for Christmas and other holiday presents. Because we want to make sure you get the attention necessary for that special one-of-a-kind gift.

Come By Our Store In Austin Today!

We always have our cleaning equipment on in the shop. So, drop into Copeland Jewelers and let us give your jewelry a quick cleaning.

You’ll be surprised to see how much your bling sparkles after a professional steaming! There is no charge for a quick cleaning while you wait because we know you love to see your jewelry shine like new again.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make your day a little brighter!