Prong Repair

One of the most essential repairs at a jewelers bench is prong repair, protecting your precious stones from loss.

What Are Prongs?

Prongs are the small pieces of metal that hold your gemstones securely in place. However, prongs do wear down over time. Prongs from precious metals are hard but they’re NOT indestructible and do get bent and damaged.

Some ways your prongs may become insecure:

  • Prongs simply wear down over time. Usually, it takes many years. Be sure and check the prongs on any antique or heirloom jewelry you have.  Rings are the most susceptible to this problem, especially those worn every day.
  • Each time a prong catches on something like fabric damage can happen to the fabric as well as the prong.
  • A hard blow to a piece of jewelry can bend or break prongs and unfortunately stones too. If you have a mishap, be sure to check your jewelry for bent or cracked prongs or let us inspect it if this happens. Free of charge.

So, over time you may need to get prong work done on your jewelry.  We do all stages of repair. Sometimes upon inspection, we will recommend re-tipping your prongs. Other times a prong is so damaged or worn we have to completely replace it.

Our fine jewelers are prong work professionals!

Prong Repair Cost

For an accurate estimate, we must see your jewelry repair first. However, below are some prices to give you an idea of what to expect. When you bring your jewelry in we will give you an estimate, free of charge and prior to any services provided. Then, you can decide if you want to continue with the repair.

Re-tipping Prongs

  • in 14K gold – center stones =$25 each, outside stones = $12 each
  • in platinum – center stones =$60 each, outside stones = $28 each

Full Prongs

  • in 14K gold – $55 each
  • in platinum – $95 each

Free Prong Cleaning & Inspections

Come into Copeland Jewelers for a quick jewelry cleaning and inspection so you can feel more confident your prongs are safe. This is something we do free of charge and while you wait. We all have such busy lifestyles but this quick step could save your diamond or your grandmother’s gemstone from being lost forever.

If you prefer or feel it needs a little extra TLC, we can also take your jewelry in for deep cleaning and polishing for a small fee. It’ll make it look brand new!

Come by our store or call us today to schedule your free prong cleaning & inspection!