Expanding & Re-Shanking Rings

Expanding & re-shanking rings involve replacing part or all of the shank (or band) of your ring and replacing it or adding some type of accessory to adjust the shank.

Copeland Jewelers has performed re-shanking and expansion on rings for over three decades. We’ve worked with multiple styles of rings from wide bands to very narrow shanks, and even multiple rings together.

If you believe a beloved piece is wearing thin and needs re-shanking, call us today and let us know your needs.

Expanding Shanks

Like so many people, you may be having trouble getting your rings over your knuckles. Or, maybe you have a top-heavy ring that keeps turning on your finger. This is when you would want to consider an expanding shank for your ring.

There are different alternatives but none of them are cheap. These accessories designed to help your shank expand over your knuckle are crafted in gold to match your ring. Including installation, they can range from about $450 – $1000. But if it’s a ring you really want to wear it’s definitely worth it.

Re-Shanking Rings

Re-shanking is not an unusual job for us at Copeland’s. However, it is more common with very narrow bands.

We see it quite a bit with antique rings or rings that have rubbed together over many years. The band of the ring is so thin it’s beginning to crack or is already broken. When this happens our jewelers cut out the overly thin area and add a thicker piece of the same metal in place of it.

Depending on the wear to the shank we can replace a quarter, half, or all of it (called a full shank). We normally work with gold and platinum.

If your beloved piece is wearing thin and needs re-shanking call or come by today!