Laser Welding

Laser welding is a very specific skill for a jeweler in the already exacting art of jewelry repair. Lasers create a much smaller and more exact point of heat than a traditional torch.

For something as precise as laser welding, come see us at Copeland Jewelers in Austin, Texas!

When Do You Need Laser Welding?

First of all, bring us your jewelry to get the final word on when to go for laser welding over traditional methods.

With a quick consultation, we’ll explain to you what will make the most efficient and affordable method of repair.

Times When Laser Welding May Be A Good Option

  • When gemstones are close to an area that needs to be soldered (welded) and repaired, laser welding may be best. Protecting gemstones is of utmost importance when repairing your jewelry. Traditionally, jewelers remove gemstones before necessary repairs. Then they reset them all. A very costly and risky business. Sometimes we can avoid this by using the laser welder.
  • For intricate fragile designs in metals like filigree styles. Especially helpful for antique or vintage jewelry.
  • Can be a good option for delicate chains.
  • Some Costume jewelry made of non-precious metals may be repairable with a laser welder.

Sadly, some jewelry cannot be repaired or is beyond repair. But if there’s a possibility, Chris Copeland and his laser welder are your best bet.

Laser welding is an art that takes extreme precision. You can confidently trust your jewelry in the hands of our bench jewelers at our jewelry store in Austin, Texas
Do you have a piece you believe needs laser welding? Call us today and let us know how your local jewelry store can help you!