Engagement Rings & Wedding Jewelry

Custom engagement rings and wedding jewelry may be the most special gifts you can give. Every custom engagement ring created embodies the love that you share with your fiancé. Custom jewelry worn on your wedding day instantly becomes a family heirloom.

So, when you’re looking for the perfect keepsake, choose a local, family jeweler you can trust.

Getting an Estimate

Contact us about providing an accurate estimate for your custom jewelry in one of several ways:

  • Simply walk in with your jewelry and ideas. Visit with us about what you have in mind and we’ll give you a quote for your project. This way, you get an up-close experience of a vast array of different gemstones, metal colors and how it all combines.
  • Call us at (512) 330-0303 to set an actual appointment for your consultation and to talk in more detail or to discuss a specific question.
  • Email us with photos and ideas at Clay@copelandjewelers.com.

Don’t Forget to Get a Finger Size

If you want it to be a surprise, you can try to sneak a ring out. Choose one that’s worn on the left-hand ring finger if possible. Even if it’s the right hand, bring it to us and we’ll measure it for you. This may not be perfect, but it makes a decent guide.

If taking the ring is too risky, lay it on a piece of paper and trace the inside and outside of the ring. And/or, place it on your own finger and mark where it stops on your finger.

A Custom Wedding Jeweler You Can Trust

All of our jewelry at Copeland Jewelers is crafted from the finest gems and genuine precious metals. Since 1983 we have guaranteed your satisfaction with your custom jewelry purchases.

Our two jewelers have more than 70 combined years of experience at the bench. Each staff member at Copeland’s has been with us for over ten years. Decades of experience give our staff an advantage in knowing the questions to ask to understand your vision. And, the knowledge to know when to advice against something that won’t work structurally.

No matter what request or need you have, our jewelers can almost always fulfill it. We take time with you, sharing our extensive expertise to custom design and craft your engagement ring, the most important piece of jewelry you may ever wear.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or discuss your custom jewelry needs. We’re proud to serve clients locally in Austin, Texas, as well as customers throughout the United States.

Colored Gemstones and Diamond Alternatives

We’ve always specialized in colored gems because we absolutely adore them! So, what’s one of the most asked questions we get for custom engagement and wedding rings? What colored gem is a good alternative to a diamond?

Keep in mind that engagement rings are worn every day.  So, we recommend that the best colored gems for this purpose are sapphires and rubies. Because of their strength and beauty. Material wise, sapphire and rubies are both corundum, second only to diamonds in hardness and durability.

In our opinion, sapphires slightly win out over rubies because of their large variety of colors. From sumptuous Padparadschas in orangey pinks to classic cornflower blues like Kate Middleton’s royal sapphire. Plus, yellows, greens and true pinks that sparkle like no other class of stones. Sapphires are gorgeous!

If you’re set on another gemstone we would love to consult with you about the options. We can tell you that emeralds are risky because they are hard but brittle. Instead, look at tsavorites which are green garnets or tourmalines.

Come in and see us and we’ll show you actual live examples of a multitude of different colored stones and discuss their properties with you.

Wedding Jewelry Customization & Modification

Wedding jewelry customization is when you want to incorporate a stone, a setting, or material from an already existing piece. If you have jewelry you’d like to have customized into an engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place.

As part of our custom services, our skilled and dedicated artisans assist you in making your vision a reality through modifying existing jewelry.

For example,

  • You’d like your Grandmother’s diamond set in a custom engagement ring setting.
  • You love the vintage setting you found in our case but you want to replace the stone.
  • Or you love a ring you have but you want it duplicated in Rose Gold.

We love making jewelry heirlooms relevant to new generations! Count on our skilled team of in-house jewelers to modify your family pieces or modify new or vintage jewelry in our own cases to make you the perfect engagement ring.