Black Diamonds Baseball Players Wear, 22 Inches


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22-inch single strand of fully faceted black diamonds. Starting with 2.5mm diamonds at the back and graduating to 3mm at the center diamond. Strung with a 14K white gold clasp. The same quality that the major league baseball players wear!

Have you noticed those glimmering strands of black diamonds baseball players are wearing?  Baseball players know how to rock some style as evidenced by Lance McCullers Jr. of the Astros as well as others donning those great diamond strands. You can’t help but notice the little flashing points of light that sparkle and glow around the neck during the games!

Copeland Jeweler’s Black Diamonds Sparkle

At Copeland Jewelers in Austin, Tx we’ve been handling these faceted black diamonds for over a decade. Be aware, just like other diamonds, these are not all created equal. Don’t be disappointed by other strands, these have the sparkle like Lance McCullers Jr.’s! We always sell out of these fantastic diamond necklaces. You’ll find these strands will become your effortless, go-with-everything look.

Since diamonds can be a man’s best friend too, they are equally favored by men and women!

Because you’re wearing your black diamond strand, you can tap into the strong properties related to diamonds: action, passion, and energy. Symbolic meanings associated with the color black are authority and power.

Call us about other diamond sizes and lengths available. For example, check out this longer strand at 32-inches but only 2mm beads priced at $3095.00.

All black diamond necklaces are made to order and may take 3-4 weeks to ship.

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Black Diamond, Diamond – Colored