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Black Diamond Necklaces Baseball Players Wear

Black Necklaces Baseball Players Wear

Black necklaces baseball players wear have become one of our most popular items for both men and women. Those black diamond-faceted beads that baseball players are wearing. Have you noticed them?

Astro’s pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. made them famous when they had to stop a championship game to gather his broken strand from the mound. In addition, even more players have started sporting this sophisticated bling.

We’ve seen quite an uptrend for this chic look for both men and women.

The Black Necklaces Baseball Players Are Wearing

If you want the glimmer of the black diamond necklaces baseball players wear, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t be disappointed by other strands, at Copeland Jewelers we’ve been handling these faceted black diamonds for over a decade. And our strands have the sparkle like Lance’s!

We always sell out of these extraordinary black diamonds when people see them.

MLB black diamond necklace baseball players wear

MLB Necklace Lengths, Sizes, and Pricing


We recommend a 20 to 24-inch strand for a man. A 20 to 22-inch strand will usually fall somewhere around the collar bone depending on the size of your guy’s neck. A 24-inch strand is usually considered extra long on an average-sized man and will fall just above the sternum. Whereas, a woman will normally want at least a 16 to 18-inch length.

With a 30″ strand, you can wrap it more than once around the neck or wear it long. Or, a 30″ can wrap around the wrist for a bracelet. But we can also custom string a standard 7″ bracelet with a 14K white gold clasp if you prefer.

Diamond Bead Sizes

Our black diamond beads come in Small – approx. 2mm, Medium – approx. 3mm, Large – approx. 4mm. Pricing is determined by the size of each bead plus the length of the strand which determines the total carat weight. Strands include a 14K white gold clasp. If you want a look similar to the baseball player’s strands go for the 4mm.

curved black diamond necklace


Need help deciding on which options best suit your needs? Don’t hesitate to call or come by Copeland Jewelers for advice. In addition, you can view a few options below from our inventory. Plus, we’ve also provided prices below for you for special orders from 16-inch to 32-inch strands. Prices may vary depending on carat weight.

Pricing On Special Orders

Call us to special order any of the strands below. Prices may vary depending on carat weight.

16-inch strands with:

  • 2mm beads = $1550.00
  • 3mm beads = $2235.00
  • 4mm beads = $3700.00

18-inch strands with:

  • 2mm beads = $1750.00
  • 3mm beads = $2525.00
  • 4mm beads = $4175.00

20-inch strands with:

  • 2mm beads = $1950.00
  • 3mm beads = $2790.00
  • 4mm beads = $4650.00

22-inch strands with:

  • 2mm beads = $2150.00
  • 3mm beads = $3070.00
  • 4mm beads = $5100.00

24-inch strands with:

  • 2mm beads = $2325.00
  • 3mm beads = $3350.00
  • 4mm beads = $5200.00

30-inch strands with:

  • 2mm beads = $2900.00
  • 3mm beads = $4185.00
  • 4mm beads = $6500.00

32-inch strands with:

  • 2mm beads = $3095.00
  • 3mm beads = $4465.00
  • 4mm beads = $6920.00

A Black Diamond Necklace That a Couple Can Share?

Equally classy and sophisticated worn by men or women. Therefore, they’re just as favored by both. Although it might be fun to share jewelry with your partner it could end up being something you fight over to wear! Because whether you’re a man or a woman you’ll find these black diamond strands will become your effortless, everyday go-to. Your essential accessory!

When you’re wearing your black diamond strand, tap into the strong properties related to diamonds: action, passion, and energy. As well as the symbolic associations to the color black related to authority and power.