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Jewelry Repair – What Can Our Jewelers Fix?

Austin Jewelry Repair

Have jewelry that needs repair? You’ve come to the right place to get honest knowledgeable answers about your jewelry repairs. Jewelry repair is a specialized service we’ve been providing for more than 30 years!

You’re welcome to come by and get a quick jewelry cleaning while you wait. Or, talk with us about a jewelry repair you’ve been putting off. In addition, we can check your jewelry for maintenance issues like loose stones or dangerously worn out prongs.

What Can Our Jewelers Fix?

Some repairs that we offer include:

  • Stone setting
  • Stone tightening
  • Stone head or stone setting replacement
  • Prong replacement or re-tipping
  • Ring sizing
  • Stone replacement
  • Clasp repair and replacement
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Restringing (pearl and bead)
  • Chain repair and soldering
  • Laser welding
  • Ring re-shanking
  • Watch cleaning and repair, interior & exterior
  • Watch band sizing and replacement
  • Watch battery replacement and time setting
  • Gold and white rhodium plating

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Keeping Your Jewelry in Good Shape

Remember when wearing and storing your jewelry that precious metals and gemstones are not indestructible. Even diamonds can be broken and chipped in the right situation. Precious metals are soft enough to be carved. Therefore, it makes sense that they are vulnerable to scratching and gouging. Unfortunately, some damages just can’t be repaired. But, at Copeland Jewelers we usually have an answer. Even some faded gemstones can be polished back to life, sometimes a cracked or chipped stone can be recut. Or, sometimes it’s exciting to replace it with something new. We can do it all, procure both diamonds and colored stones for you, then expertly set that stone. All in-house. Be confident in getting an estimate from us before doing any work.

But, with some care, attention, and maintenance you should be able to avoid most major repairs.

Let’s look at how to keep your jewelry looking and wearing properly and securely. So this way, over the course of the lifetime of your jewelry, you’re less likely to need major repairs done. However, this maintenance of your fine jewelry is key to keeping it in good shape.

So here are some DOs and DON’Ts:


  • Take the time to check your jewelry before and after you wear it. Check for loose earring backs or connections, loose stones, worn metal; especially the prongs that hold stones in place. Check very old or thin jewelry for spots where the metal may be cracking, like thin bands on rings. Check clasps for worn metal and make sure they are snapping into place properly and tightly.
  • Carefully store your jewelry with room for each piece to be neatly placed without bunching and tangling.
  • Bring your jewelry to Copeland Jewelers periodically for cleaning. We’re happy to to do a quick cleaning while you wait anytime, free of charge. In addition, for a small fee and extra time in our shop, we will give it some extra TLC, cleaning, polishing and stone tightening.
  • Having your jewelry checked periodically by a professional jeweler is a must! Checking for loose stones and worn prongs, poorly working or worn out clasps and earring backs. And just a general good going over for anything that might be a little off before it turns into a major repair.
  • Have that loose stone tightened if you notice one. With this little bit of maintenance, we can save you from losing that stone!


  • Bathe with your jewelry on. This includes the occasional shower and dips in the pool.
  • Use perfumes, lotions, and hairsprays with the jewelry on.
  • Wear improperly sized rings.
  • Never sleep in your jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings! You can both be injured!
  • When storing your jewelry do not stack and tangle pieces together. Some metals and stones can be scratched and damaged this way. Pearls are especially harmed by metals being stored on top and against them.

Taking Your Jewelry in For Repair

Even if you didn’t by your jewelry from us, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring it in for repairs! We would be happy to help!

Copeland Jewelers in Austin, Texas, offers repair and appraisal services for all types of jewelry as well as basic maintenance. If you need our help, our doors are open for you!

Bring your jewelry in for quick cleaning while you wait, free of charge. Or, consult with us about revamping an old family ring into something you’ll love wearing. Or, let us check your jewelry for maintenance issues like loose stones or dangerously worn out prongs.

So don’t worry about a thing!

Call us today at (512) 330-0303 and ask us about your jewelry repair needs. And be sure to have it appraised too, especially if it’s vintage or estate jewelry! Any jewelry, even expensive jewelry, can be damaged over time. With the right repairs, you’ll be able to preserve its quality and beauty for generations to come!