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Tips For Keeping Your Jewelry Clean

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We’ve all had that piece of jewelry that we’ve grown so attached to, it’s almost grown attached to us! Whether it’s your wedding ring, a piece that your loved one gave to you, or a class ring you’ve held dear to you since 1968, these things sometimes become so much an ‘extension’ of ourselves that it’s easy to forget that they do need to be taken off every once in a while-and cleaned thoroughly!

Why is it important to have jewelry cleaned? We’re here with a few choice tips and how to care for your jewelry and why it is important to keep your jewelry clean.

Diamonds Attract Carbon Atoms (That means almost EVERYTHING!)

When you go about your day-to-day life, especially where there is so much to see, do, and get into your hands come into contact with a lot of different particles.

From suntan oils to lotions to foodstuffs from your favorite breakfast taco spot (we are a jewelry store in Austin after all. We know how many tacos our hands have held-and probably yours, too!) your diamonds attract particles from all of these substances.  Even diligent handwashing can miss some of these particles, especially in closed settings where things can be difficult to reach, can be missed.

If you have a job that keeps your hands busy, carrying a small toothbrush with you to gently clean your diamond wedding ring while washing your hands can extend the life of your jewelry so it doesn’t get “old before it’s time.”

Weekly Cleanings

It’s recommended that you do a cleaning of your jewelry at least once per week with a jewelry cleaning solution. There are many solutions you can buy (or make at home!) that include a mild detergent that will “scrub away” particles from your jewelry while it soaks.

You can even do this overnight while you’re asleep and wake up to clean, fresh jewelry in the morning! These weekly cleanings can keep jewelry from becoming worn out and keep diamonds from taking on a darker color.

Deep Cleanings

We’ve seen many people come through with diamonds and other jewelry that are in definite need of deep cleaning.  Even jewelry enthusiasts that take meticulous care of their jewelry have to call in the professionals every once in a while!

We offer a deep cleaning jewelry service that can be performed while you wait. We keep all of our jewelry cleaning equipment on-site so that you never have to send your jewelry off to a faraway location to have it deep cleaned. You can just stop by our jewelry store in Austin (located in the Davenport Village area) and talk to one of our employees about a jewelry cleaning-no appointment needed!

Keeping your jewelry clean not only enhances your enjoyment of wearing the jewelry, but keeps your jewelry looking new, fresh, and extends the life of your most prized pieces. Stop by our shop or give us a call today and let us know how we can help you keep your jewelry clean!

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It’s not just diamonds that need a good deep cleaning! All of your pieces can benefit from having a thorough, deep cleaning at your local jewelry store in Austin. Give us a call and let us know what your jewelry cleaning needs are.