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Is Your Significant Other Thinking of Proposing? Some Subtle Signs the Answer is YES!

Whether you and your beau have definitely decided that marriage is in the cards or have only casually tossed around the idea of getting married, the proposal itself can be the most memorable part of the whole wedding process.

Sometimes proposals come as a complete surprise- and sometimes our significant others will drop some subtle hints that they’re planning on dropping to one knee.

Here are some subtle signs your sweetie is going to pop the question!

They are playing with your fingers….a lot

Maybe your s/o is trying to figure out your ring size, or maybe just trying to imagine what your hands would look like with their engagement ring on it, but if you find that your s/o is paying more attention to your hands than usual (and especially your left hand!) then wedding bells could be in your future.

Your best friend’s name is in their recent calls

Many couples have shared friends, but if you go to use their phone and realize that your BFFs name is popping up frequently (this goes for you Mom, too!) then it might be a sign your s/o has been asking for advice. Who knows the kind of proposal you’d like best besides your bestie? (Or, your mom!)

They Make Vacation Plans Somewhere You’ve Never Been (or always wanted to go)

If the two of you usually spend a weekend away together in a neighboring city or have a favorite spot that the both of you go often, saying “I do” could be in your future if your s/o starts making plans to take the two of you somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going.

Your S/O Starts Getting Really Panicky About Changes of Plans

If your (soon-to-be fiance) asks to take you out to a nice dinner on a specific date or asks you to come along somewhere without much explanation, there’s a chance they are about to get down on one knee. If you tell your S/O that you feel tired that day or want to cancel and they start to panic, it may be because they had been pumping themselves up for a proposal.

They Directly Discuss Marriage

If your S/O starts talking about marriage, asks you what your stance is, or asks you if you’ve ever thought about what your wedding would be like, they are definitely fishing for some clues. Remember, nobody wants to propose to someone without knowing they’d say yes, so if your sweetie starts discussing marriage, it’s a surefire sign it’s on their mind.