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November’s Birthstone Topaz

November's Birthstone, Topaz

November’s Birthstone Topaz seems to be a particular favorite of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales.

You’ll see her donning topaz earrings in various colors. In addition, Blue Topaz acts as the gemstone for the 4th wedding anniversary. And, Imperial Topaz for the 23rd anniversary.

Topaz resides on the official birthstone list for November along with Citrine.

Olivia B Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings
Olivia B earrings: Blue Topaz, Diamond & small London Blue Topaz

Topaz Meanings

  • During the Renaissance, Europeans believed Topaz could break spells and calm anger.
  • Ancient Hindus considered the stone sacred. They believed Topaz would bring one wisdom and long life.
  • Various cultures have believed the gem to prevent mental disorders and protect against sudden death.
  • There’s been a number of medical theories about the gemstone. For instance,  you could cure asthma and insomnia by adding powdered Topaz to wine. Or, rubbing your eyes with a topaz that’s been soaking in wine for three days could improve your vision.

Topaz Colors

When considering Topaz, people generally think of a yellowish-brown or golden stone. But, pure Topaz is actually clear! Certain chemical impurities in the stone show up as a combination of numerous colors – blue, yellow, orange, pink, violet, brown, and rarely, red. And, make no mistake, that rainbow effect you see in “Mystic Topaz” is created with a thin artificial film.

You may prefer to choose from the rainbow of colors topaz offers. Most people consider Imperial Topaz to be the most prized and expensive variety. It reveals sumptuous shades of orange with light to heavy pink undertones.

Blue Topaz was once extremely rare. However, today modern irradiation techniques make it easy to turn clear Topaz into blue with a little bit of heat. As there are numerous shades of blue, you can make beautiful monochromatic designs of one color range. Texans particularly like blue Topaz because it became our state gem in 1969. You can find natural blue Topaz in various places in the state.

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Topaz History

In ancient Rome and Egypt topaz was associated with various sun gods.

There are two stories describing the origin of the name for the famed Imperial Topaz.

  • Because it was mined in Russia’s Ural Mountains it was named Imperial Topaz in honor of the Russian czars. Plus, during the nineteenth century, royalty hand-picked the finest topaz solely for themselves.
  • Brazilians tell a story dating back to 1881. They say the town of Ouro Preto gifted the Brazilian Emperor Pedro II a reddish topaz from their mine. Consequently creating the term Imperial Topaz.

Raw Topaz

Where Do You Find Topaz?

Today most fine Topaz is mined in Brazil and Sri Lanka also has significant deposits. It’s also produced in Pakistan, India, Russia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Namibia, Australia, and Nigeria. In addition, they are actively collected in Utah and California in the United States.

The largest uncut specimen of Topaz in the world weighs nearly six hundred pounds! It was mined in Brazil and is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. It is certainly a sight to see.

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