Black Diamond Necklace 24 inch


Black diamond necklace, 24 inch. The perfect length for most men to wear comfortably.

Each beautiful faceted diamond in this strand is 2.5-3mm which is a little smaller than the beads the baseball players wear.

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A 24-inch black diamond necklace of high quality fully faceted approximately 3mm beads finished with a 14K white gold clasp.

Exceptional quality is the hallmark of the perfect subtle bling you see those major league baseball players wearing.  But remember, not all diamonds are created equal and the same holds true in the world of black diamond beads.  Copeland Jewelers in Austin, Tx has been handling these black diamond necklaces for over a decade, long before Lance McCullers Jr. was black diamond hunting on the pitchers mound for his broken strand.  We have a special fondness for these and have curated the ones we know are consistently high quality sparklers.  Photos cannot do them justice!  We have trouble keeping these beauties in stock, so call us for pricing and availability.

Here we have a length and size that would be comfortable for most men.   The diamonds are are only slightly smaller in size to the MLB players’ necklaces.  However, we recommend the 3.5 – 4mm size for men looking for the size closer to what the MLB players wear.  These are available up to 5.5mm.  Please call for pricing and availability for any size or length you are looking for.

A 24-inch black diamond strand of high quality fully faceted approximately 3mm beads, including a 14K white gold clasp.

Tell them just how special they are with a Black Diamond Necklace!

Read more about these beauties and check out prices on other lengths and diamond sizes.

Place your order now. Or, call us at Copeland Jewelers to advise you on the perfect strand of black diamonds for you.

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