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Best Jewelry Gifts for Grandparents

We truly owe our grandparents so much. They’re the keepers of our family histories. They babysat us when we were little. They were some of our first and best teachers, showing us how to bake pies, build things, play cards, read music, and more.

Each grandparent-grandchild relationship is utterly unique and deserves to be celebrated, hence the beautiful holiday we call Grandparents’ Day, September 10th.

Copeland Jewelers values the impact grandparents have made on millions of Austin lives, and we’d love to be a part of your family’s celebrations this year.


Jewelry Gifts For Grandma

If your grandma loves the finer things in life, why not show your love for her with a pair of beautiful, eye-catching, jeweled earrings? Whether she prefers studs or earrings that dangle, we have plenty of options to fit every taste. For traditionalists, why not choose pearl earrings, or rubies, or the classic combination of sapphires and diamonds? If your grandmother would prefer something less common, however, consider tanzanite, citrine, chrysoprase, or turquoise. When it comes to unique and beautiful earrings, the possibilities are endless!

If your grandmother’s sense of style is a little more understated, consider presenting her with a classic fine metal chain? Simple chain necklaces are so easy to style and look wonderful on anyone.

They can be short, long, or somewhere in between. They can be made of sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. They can be delicate or chunky. They can stand on their own or be used to support a gorgeous pendant. Chains can be smooth, they can be made of links, they can be twisted, they can feature fine filigree – again, there’s no end to the possibilities.

If we don’t have a ready-made chain that’s exactly what you’re looking for, ask about having our bench jewelers create one just for your grandma!

How About Custom Jewelry?

Because Copeland Jewelers has the resources to create incredible custom jewelry, we strongly recommend one of our favorite ideas for grandmothers: a custom-made piece of jewelry featuring the birthstones of all the grandchildren. If your grandma has only a few grandchildren, we suggest a ring featuring each of their birthstones. For larger families, we suggest a bracelet or necklace, because the additional space will allow each grandchild to be represented without looking messy or crowded.

Gifts For Grandpa

And of course, we mustn’t overlook the wonderful grandfathers in our lives as well! If your grandpa appreciates mechanical precision and fine machines, honor that sensibility with a stylish watch from Hamilton or Cuervo y sobrinos. These gorgeous timepieces are known around the world for their aesthetic appeal and top-quality craftsmanship.

If your grandfather’s sense of style is a little more laid-back, however, or if he loves music or golf, let us suggest one of our unique guitar picks (which double as ball markers on the golf course). They’re handcrafted at Copeland Jewelers from international coins, and they can be used to play guitar, mark golf ball spots, or adorn a handsome necklace or bracelet.

Because Copeland Jewelers is a family business, we love seeing families celebrate together. Let us help you choose the perfect gifts to honor your grandparents this Grandparents’ Day!