Watch Cleaning & Repairs

Watch cleaning and repairs are what you likely need if your watch has turned dull, is running fast, running slow, or has completely stopped.

Maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your fine watches running properly and we’ve been helping Austinites for decades to take care of their timepieces.

Watches are a piece of jewelry that require regular maintenance. If you’re searching for watch repair our staff can help!

You Can Trust Our Technician

We have a Rolex certified technician that we have trusted for 2 decades who also works on most other brands as well. This requires continuing annual education to remain certified. Therefore, you can be confident that our service is up to date and exemplary.

First Get A Quote

First of all, you will need to bring your watch to us for a maintenance or repair estimate, this usually takes up to a week to ten days.

Our watchmaker will do a complete evaluation of your timepiece in order to give you an accurate quote. Then, we will call you with the estimate.

As a result, you will be able to conveniently make a decision over the phone. Then, you may either decide to go ahead with the watch maintenance or repair, or you may decline and pick up your watch at your earliest convenience.

Copeland Jewelers provides these estimate quotes free of charge.

Have A Warranty For Your Watch? We Can Still Help!

Some of today’s watch companies require you to send your watch ONLY to them for service or they will no longer honor your warranty.

Not sure about your watch? Contact us here at Copeland’s, we can help you figure out if your watch falls into this category for service.

If so, we can also be your go-between for this service to the manufacturer that must be done via the mail. Be patient, some of these services from the high-end watch companies can take several months.

How It Works

Typically, you will be given a time estimate as well as an estimate for charges before any actual work is performed. We will call you with your estimate.

At this point, you will decide if you want to authorize the repairs. You may decide NOT to let the manufacturer perform the services. If so, Copeland Jewelers will have them mail the watch back to us.

If no work is performed you will only pay for the charges that we incur for mailing your watch back and forth and possible processing fees from the manufacturer.

Stop in the shop or give us a call today to let us know how we can help with your watch needs!