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The November Birthstone Citrine

November birthstone citrine

The November birthstone Citrine is the top-selling yellow/gold colored gem. It’s from the quartz family and shares the qualities of both durability and affordability.

Citrine is also the gem for the thirteenth wedding anniversary.

The November birthstone Citrine earrings.
Perfect briolette style Citrine earrings.

November Birthstone Meaning

  • Citrine is one of only two minerals that doesn’t accumulate or hold negative energy. It actually dissipates it. So, it never needs clearing.
  • It’s called the “merchant stone” for it’s believed ability to bring you income and to maintain it.
  • Use Citrine to balance yin-yang energy and align your chakras with the ethereal plane.
  • Stimulates both mental focus and endurance.
  • Citrine appeases group or family problems in a positive manner.
  • Use Citrine to dispel anger.

Shapes, Sizes, and Cuts

You can find Citrine in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Up to 20 carats is easily available so you don’t see exponential increases in the price per carat with larger size stones. This is one reason designers like to use citrine for unusual cuts and carvings called fantasy cuts. Sometimes it’s just the outside of the stone that is cut in irregular geometric shapes. Other times, cutters and carvers make them look like there are stair steps or other shapes inside the stone.

Lemon Citrine has more yellow than gold

Citrine’s Gorgeous Color

Vibrant Autumn and earth tone colors are very popular; resplendent in vivid yellows, reddish oranges, burnt amber, and earth tones. Citrine is the top-selling yellow and Autumn colored gem!

Like Amethyst, the November birthstone Citrine, is part of the quartz family. And, natural Citrine is somewhat rare. Therefore like many gems, most Citrine you see is heat-treated for better color.

Most Citrine nowadays starts as Amethyst. By using pale Amethyst or smoky quartz and applying high heat, yellow Citrine colors come forth. These stones tend to be a little more orange or reddish than the pale yellows found in nature.

In fact, a lot of Citrines may begin as Amethyst in nature. Then, natural heat sources from Earth change the color to Citrine yellow. Additionally, you might find another popular stone called Ametrine that is half Amethyst and half Citrine. This effect is created with a systematic process of heat treatments.

History & Lore of Citrine

Citrine became really popular in the 1930s when cutters sent it home from Brazil and Uruguay. Therefore, Citrine got creatively used in a lot of Art Deco jewelry. For instance, this famous tiara from 1937 created by Cartier:

Citrine Tiara from 1937 created by Cartier.

An exceptional piece designed in the Art Deco style with Citrine and Diamonds. Cartier designed 27 tiaras to be worn for King George VI’s coronation that year. An extraordinary feat!


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