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Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Wife This Christmas Season

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Wife This Christmas Season

Updated December 2023

A holiday present for your wife is something you want to get perfect. We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years. So naturally, we know how to help you put a smile on her face.

Skip the holiday shopping chaos, let Copeland Jewelers make it easy for you to find the perfect present with this list of the best jewelry gifts for your wife; specially curated items from six different categories. And remember, we gift wrap and deliver curbside.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

These bracelets are the workhorses of the jewelry world and are easily one of the most gifted items of jewelry. Because they’re super versatile, they go with everything and can be layered with other bracelets.

Lots of women wear them every day. It’s hard to go wrong with full-cut, high-quality genuine diamonds in one of these sophisticated bracelets.

Below are choices from an extremely reputable company, Facet of Barcelona, who uses only conflict-free diamonds. In addition, these bracelets feature excellent diamonds of high quality and color, resulting in the sparkle she wants from a diamond bracelet.

A fabulous classic diamond tennis bracelet from Facet of Barcelona with a full 2.0 carats of high-quality diamonds.

Diamond tennis bracelet with graduated size diamonds from Facet of Barcelona in white gold with 2.75 carats of high-quality diamonds.

Somewhere between a Tennis bracelet and a Bangle, this bracelet with its hidden clasp is sleek, sparkly, and all about comfort. That’s why it’s one of the hottest-selling items in the store.

Gleaming 14K white gold links are cleverly designed to be a bit flexible, making it comfortable to wear. So, you get the streamlined look of a bangle bracelet without the rigidity.

Set with almost two carats of high-quality diamonds only on the top half of the bracelet. Therefore, the bracelet faces up with larger diamonds than if you spread the carat weight all the way around. In addition, this also makes the bracelet more comfortable, like when you set your arm down on a desk or tabletop.

Rings, Bands & More

Whether she prefers big cocktail rings or small delicate rings we’ve got you covered.

Or perhaps she’s hoping for a wedding ring this holiday season? We handle everything from classic wedding rings to unique ones with colored gemstones or vintage pieces.

From our Vintage & Estate collection, a ring with that Mid-century, retro feel. Considered the most favored color, there’s plenty of red and orange flash in this opal triplet.

Bringing out the color of the opal from underneath, the bottom layer of this triplet is likely black obsidian. Then, protecting the opal, the top layer is a dome of clear quartz.

A wonderfully designed ring, reminiscent of great Italian jewelry. First, the featured amethyst, awash in velvety purple-violet, radiates brilliant color. Beautifully cut, this large round gemstone weighs over three full carats.

Exquisitely crafted in 14K yellow and white gold. Attention to detail makes this ring a stand out. High-quality materials and great craftsmanship are the ideal combinations in this stellar design. Lastly, the amethyst is surrounded by high-quality diamonds that bring the design to life.

A Yellow Diamond band for a very special person.

Seven stunning yellow diamonds in alternating sizes sit atop an 18K gold band. These vibrant gems are a beautiful shade of yellow, not too dark and not too pale, not too neon and not too soft. In fact, they almost match their 18K yellow gold prongs. And, they refract so much light that they’re intensely brilliant!  Total yellow diamond weight well over 1-1/2 carats (1.58 ct.).

Small high-quality white diamonds outline all the yellow diamonds framing them with extra sparkle. This color combination of organic yellow and sparkling white is delectable, set in 18K white gold.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a must for any jewelry collection. They’re another classic jewelry staple you can’t go wrong with as a Christmas gift for your wife.

Whether they’re plain gold hoops, irregularly shaped, or covered in diamonds, there’s a hoop earring to match her style. Plus, there are designs for everyday wear or “after 5” elegance. Our featured designs below are from Barcelona.

Stylized open hoop diamond earrings are perfect for a night on the town, a formal event, or that holiday cocktail party. High-quality diamonds in genuine 14K white gold.

Facet stylized oval diamond hoop earrings make the perfect holiday gift that she will wear for years to come. She’ll remember these as one of your most special gifts to her.

In genuine 14K white gold with high-quality SI diamonds of H color. As a result, these beauties will sparkle as she moves just like good diamonds should.

Custom Jewelry Gifts

Custom jewelry tells her you went out of your way to treat her special. And, the original pieces from Clay Copeland and Chris Copeland are one-of-a-kind jewelry.

One-of-a-kind and custom-made here at Copeland Jewelers. Here’s a new pendant we’re all Lady GaGa over! Between the fiery opal, the green tsavorite garnets, and the design, this is a winner.

Obviously, a super-opal; weighing almost 6 carats (5.98 ct.). This vibrant Ethiopian opal-graded XF (extra fine) is alive with fire and flashes. Outbursts of neon green, yellow, orange, and red spontaneously radiate throughout the gem.

Very few gems could hold a candle to this opal. That’s why the designer chose these intense green tsavorites (pronounced sa-vor-ite) to pair with it. Brilliant enough to complement the opal’s green flashes, these little screamers are from the garnet family.

Designed and crafted in 14K yellow gold. Chris Copeland’s refined, sleek design shows off these incredible gifts from Mother Nature. Chic minimalist lines, executed precisely, frame the opal’s light show brilliantly.

Vintage Jewelry Gifts

Vintage jewelry is a way to give unique jewelry gifts, many of them one-of-a-kind pieces. Is your wife a romantic? Does she love historical books and movies? If so, and you want a special Christmas present for her, this could fit the bill.

A wonderful piece of upcycled jewelry with Art Nouveau charm. Unable to let this beautiful, antique sterling silver spoon go to the refinery for melting, we created jewelry.

Chris Copeland’s creative customization turns this silverware into wearable art. He has set a pear-shaped amethyst at the bottom, in the middle a black sapphire, and on top, a red garnet.

Hand engraving is a dying art and few are skilled enough to make elegant carvings like this one. So, if you appreciate this kind of craftsmanship and artistry, this could be the pendant for you.

Emerald Statement Pieces

Going to galas, formal events, swanky cocktail parties, and those big weddings are the perfect times to don your most beautiful jewelry, your statement pieces. And, of course, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, are statement worthy, too.

Revered for 6,000 years, emeralds are one of history’s most legendary gemstones. For numerous cultures, its glowing spring green color symbolizes springtime, fertility, love & passion, and rebirth. So, besides being the birthstone for May, it also commemorates the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Crazy story: In the Bermuda Triangle in 1992, some of the loot Cortez “commandeered” from Mexico was recovered from a shipwreck. Along with one of the famous crystal skulls, over one MILLION carats of emeralds were found! One weighing well over 25,000 carats. As well as, the famous 964-carat Judgement emerald, worth over $20 million!

For when you want a Christmas present for your wife that’s extra special! Spark the romance with this stunning Emerald Cabochon and diamond ring. A real delight to wear for those special occasions. And, no one else will have anything like it!

Sophistication with an exotic flair is the best way to describe this ring. This incredible emerald cabochon (smooth dome) is almost 5 carats (4.76) in a passionate deep crystalline green sure to catch everyone’s eye. Plus, rose-cut diamonds accentuate the exotic look. The total diamond weight is 1.29ct. Set in 18K white gold.

This ring absolutely sings! It’s a real show-stopper in the world of emeralds.

Weighing in at 1-1/3 carats, this emerald cut emerald is beyond words. Its sensational color stands out vividly with white gold and diamonds. Exhibiting the most desirable range of colors, from bluish green to pure green with vivid, even color saturation.

Finely crafted in 14K white gold with almost a carat of high-quality diamonds, including substantial emerald cuts on each side of the bright green emerald.

A stunning piece of jewelry for the connoisseur of fine emeralds. The alluring nature of this 18K white gold necklace comes from the emeralds and its vertical design lines. Above all, the green of these closely matched emeralds is phenomenal!

Displaying the highly prized bluish-green color with vivid color saturation and good transparency. Total emerald carat weight is over 1 and 1/3 carats.

In addition, two teardrop-shaped diamonds in the chain, sparkle like little dewdrops above the Spring green emeralds.