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Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Wife This Christmas Season

Updated September 2021

A holiday present for your wife is something you want to get perfect. We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years. So naturally, we know how to help you put a smile on her face.

Skip the holiday shopping chaos, let Copeland Jewelers make it easy for you to find the perfect gift with this list of the best jewelry gifts for your wife; specially curated items from seven different categories. And remember,  we gift wrap and deliver curbside.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

These bracelets are the definition of classic and are easily one of the most gifted items of jewelry. Because they’re super versatile, they go with everything and can be layered with other bracelets. Lots of women wear them every day.

Below are two choices from an extremely reputable company, Facet of Barcelona, which uses only conflict-free diamonds. In addition, these bracelets feature excellent diamonds of quality and color, resulting in the sparkle she wants from a diamond bracelet.

It’s hard to go wrong with full-cut, high-quality genuine diamonds on one of these sophisticated bracelets.

A fabulous classic diamond tennis bracelet from Facet of Barcelona with a full 2.0 carats of high-quality diamonds.

Diamond tennis bracelet with graduated size diamonds from Facet of Barcelona in white gold with 2.75 carats of high-quality diamonds.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a must for any jewelry collection. They are another classic jewelry staple you can’t go wrong with as a Christmas gift for your wife. Whether they’re plain gold hoops, irregularly shaped or covered in diamonds, there’s a hoop earring to match her style. Plus, there are designs for everyday wear or “after 5” elegance.

Stylized open hoop diamond earrings are perfect for a night on the town, a formal event, or that holiday cocktail party. High-quality diamonds in genuine 14K white gold.

Facet stylized oval diamond hoop earrings make the perfect holiday gift that she will wear for years to come. She’ll remember these as one of your most special gifts to her.

In genuine 14K white gold with high-quality SI diamonds of H color. As a result, these beauties will sparkle as she moves just like good diamonds should.

Custom Jewelry Gifts

Custom jewelry tells her you went out of your way to treat her special. And, the original pieces from Clay Copeland and Chris Copeland are one of a kind jewelry.

An original custom piece from Clay Copeland, this collectible Morenci turquoise pendant is perfect to wear every day.

Some of the finest American turquoise ever produced, turquoise from the famous Morenci mine in Arizona is highly collectible and valued. As in this example, Morenci turquoise is most famous for its rare and distinctive “silver” matrix of quartz and pyrite.

However, it’s difficult to obtain. Because unfortunately, the turquoise within the mine is now destroyed during the copper mining process. Thankfully, many years ago miners stashed away enough to release a small amount of rough each year.

This fabulous piece of Morenci turquoise is set in an obviously high-quality custom-fitted bezel of beautiful 14K yellow gold.

Rings, Bands & More

Whether she prefers big cocktail rings or small delicate rings we’ve got you covered.

Or perhaps she’s hoping for a wedding ring this holiday season? We handle everything from classic wedding rings to unique ones with colored gemstones or vintage pieces.

So, here are two rings to get your gift-giving ideas started.

Vintage Jewelry Gifts

Vintage jewelry is a way to give unique jewelry gifts, many of them one-of-a-kind pieces. If you want a special Christmas present for your wife, this could fit the bill.

An incredible Tiffany & Co. shamrock brooch. Typical Tiffany high quality, expertly crafted in 18K white gold. Plus, these are high-quality diamonds and very large fine aquamarines making up the 4 leaves.

This Ladies Charriol Diamond Cable Watch would make your wife very happy! One of the most gorgeous Charriol watches ever made. Featuring their world famous steel cable bracelet. Produced in Switzerland with their exclusive 316L stainless steel & titanium alloy and surgical grade hypoallergenic finish.

High polish stainless case and buckle make a beautiful contrast with the blackened steel bracelet. Distinctive black dial and Roman numerals. And of course, a genuine Charriol diamond bezel with .59 cts. of fine high-quality diamonds. All that you would expect from a Charriol watch!

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are the jewelry you wear to make a statement. Going to galas, formal events, swanky cocktail parties, and those big weddings are the perfect time to don your most beautiful jewelry. And, of course, Christmas and New Years Eve parties and events.

For when you want a Christmas present for your wife that’s extra special! Spark the romance with this stunning Emerald Cabochon and diamond ring. A real delight to wear for those special occasions. And, no one else will have anything like it!

Sophistication with an exotic flair is the best way to describe this ring. This incredible emerald cabochon (smooth dome) is almost 5 carats (4.76) in a passionate deep crystalline green sure to catch everyone’s eye. Plus, rose-cut diamonds accentuate the exotic look. The total diamond weight is 1.29ct. Set in 18K white gold.

The best diamond & sapphire Art Deco earrings on Earth! Long dangling diamond & sapphire Art Deco earrings are the epitome of class, tasteful elegance and outstanding style.

An absolutely perfect shade of the finest blue sapphires against sparkling white diamonds makes these a stand-out accessory. What better way to fit “something blue” into your bridal ensemble than these stunning earrings!


Known as the Queen of Gems, the pearl’s reign has lasted for centuries. In fact, we’re currently seeing such a pearl revival we can hardly keep them in stock.

Today’s pearl world offers many options in addition to the classic strands of round pearls in every length. For example, high-end South Seas and Tahitian pearls are highly prized, ranging in colors from silver to black to yellow to white. We also try to keep examples of all the popular unique trending shapes:

  • coin pearls
  • keshi pearls (look like flower petals)
  • circle (pronounced sir-clay)
  • oddly shaped baroque pearls

Easily one of the most popular pieces of fine jewelry right now, a classic strand of large Tahitian Black Pearls. So, if pearls are the Queen of Gems, certainly, Tahitian Pearls have got to be The Queen of Pearls!

This is a graduated strand with large pearls ranging in size from 10mm at the back and 14mm front and center. Notice the beautiful luster in hues of dark silver, black green, peacock and aubergine with classic Tahitian metallic qualities. Pearls of this caliber have long been admired. Admired for their colors, almost mirror-like qualities and dreamy luster. In addition to the luxurious feel of wearing these organic gems against the skin.

At the top of today’s jewelry ladder, you see deeply colored pearls on dignitaries, entertainers, and CEOs. In board rooms, on TV, and at both business as well as social events. A new classic that perfectly flows from professional wear right into evenings out.

Tres chic pearls for today’s woman! Sensuous & lustrous, these very large Baroque Pearls are to swoon over, making the perfect gift.

Strung with a tiny gold bead on each side of the pearls. Highlighted with a play of tiny sparkling faceted black spinel beads that complement and balance the large pearls. Versatile enough for work, play, or a formal event.

Each pearl is about 20mm and the strand is 38 inches long.

Our strands of Tahitian & South Seas pearl station necklaces have become so popular we can hardly keep them in the store. Strung between the pearls are small faceted black hematite beads that exhibit tiny sparkles. Above all, complimenting the reflective pearls perfectly.

These popular pearl necklaces are sometimes strung with gray and black pearls or other times with a variation of gray, black and white. Pictured above with a few South Seas golden yellow pearls as well.

We’ll send you what is currently available. However, call us if you’re particular about your pearl colors and we’ll help expedite your color choices if possible.