Jewelry Consignment

Do you have jewelry or watches you no longer wear? Or do you have inherited pieces that you or your family want to sell? That’s when jewelry consignment may be the perfect option.

If you’ve shopped our Estate, Vintage & Antique Collection at Copeland’s before, then you know we only carry fine jewelry of high quality in gold and platinum with genuine diamonds and gems. In addition, our pieces are usually antiques, vintage, or a highly collectible designer. If you have jewelry and watches that fit these categories and you’re wanting to sell them then you’ve found the right place.

Some of the pieces in our Estate Collection are on consignment. This means they are owned by clients and we are selling these pieces for them on commission. 

It can be difficult figuring out how to get decent money out of your old jewelry and watches. Jewelers can buy their merchandise wholesale so they’re unlikely to offer you retail prices for your jewelry. And selling your jewelry to strangers can be dangerous.

At Copeland Jewelers we have a great sales staff and we’re fully insured. Bottom line, selling your jewelry on consignment gets you closer to retail prices and it’s safe and convenient since we do all the work and pay all the insurance.

How It Works

  1. First, give us a call or email us,, to let us know what you’re wanting to sell. Photos in your email will make it much easier and quicker.
  2. We’ll let you know if it’s a sellable piece.
  3. Bring the jewelry or watch to our store and upon inspection, we will confirm pricing.
  4. If you decide to consign it then we’ll get the paperwork done and display your jewelry in our cases.
  5. Both parties will sign a Consignment Contract detailing our commission, when you will receive a check after a sale, etc.

How a Price is Decided

We calculate a price based on metal weight, the value of the gems and how collectable it is. After discussing these factors with you we will agree on a price together.

In addition, we play the middle man for you. Helping you negotiate a price with a customer who wants to make an offer on your jewelry.

Call us, email us or come by and we'll help you with jewelry consignment.