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Best Jewelry Gifts for Women Under $500

Check out the best jewelry gifts for women under $500 for this Christmas season.

Here’s where we supply you with gift ideas that will make her feel special. In return, she’ll realize just how special you are too!

Let Copeland’s make this holiday season a lot easier for you. After all, we’ve got a little experience. We’ve been specializing in unique jewelry gift-giving in Austin, Texas, for over 35 years. Place your order and we’ll gift wrap and deliver curbside for you.

So, here’s a group of jewelry gift ideas under $500 for the special women in your life.

Starting With Custom Jewelry

peace sign y gold pendant necklace

Mini Peace Sign Pendant – $295

Give a little peace on Earth this holiday season! Gift the symbol of peace with this delicate Mini Peace Sign Pendant.

Custom designed and personally handcrafted by Clay Copeland in genuine 14K gold with a high polish. Designed with a hidden bail in the back to hang the chain invisibly. (Chain not included).

A super cute small size (less than 1/2 an inch) actually makes it stand out. It looks equally good worn on its own or layered with other jewelry. And, it’s the perfect size to wear everyday.

Give the perfect holiday sentiment to show someone you love and care about them.

Guitar pick charm bracelet

Handmade International Coin Guitar Pick Bracelet – $295

One of Austin’s working musicians, jeweler Chris Copeland, painstakingly hones each international coin into a unique and usable guitar pick. His next step, creating coin guitar pick jewelry, like this handmade international coin guitar pick bracelet.

In this version, he solders four guitar picks to a heavy sterling silver link bracelet. In addition, he can customize your bracelet with your own souvenir coins from your favorite trip abroad.

Call us about a customized bracelet. Perfect gift for the music lover! An awesome bracelet to wear out for a night of music.

Carved Moonstone & Jade Silver Pendant

Carved Moonstone & Jade Silver Spoon Pendant – $350

An upcycled silver antique spoon gains new life as wearable art at the hands of artisan Chris Copeland. This carved moonstone & jade pendant’s first life started as a gorgeous silver spoon. With a few added gems and some extra metal smithing he brings forgotten artists’ work back to life. A tribute to craftsmanship!

A lovely moonstone carved like a leaf has a handmade sterling silver bezel resembling a twining vine surrounding it. A dark green “eye” in the center of the pendant is jade. As well as the two small light green stones, one on top of the moonstone “leaf”.

The color harmonies are not only pleasing and comforting but reminiscent of antique jewelry.

Sterling Silver Collar Necklaces

Sterling Silver Collar Necklaces – $250 to $300

These simple modern silver omega collars are a huge hit and a very popular piece of fashion jewelry.

She can wear one for a singular standout look or stack 2 or more for a dramatic ultra-modern tone like in the photo above (she’s wearing three omega collars in 16-inch through 18-inch lengths). Plus, because they’re flexible individual links, Omega collars are really comfortable.

In addition, it’s hard to find necklaces that show up well with a button-down collar. These fit the bill and excel in dressing up professional styles as well as contemporary looks. They’re super versatile!

The Queen of Gems

Pearls have long been considered the Queen of Gems and today there’s a big pearl revival.

Currently trending in the pearl world are Tahitian and South Seas pearls. In addition, today’s fashionable pearls include more organic and irregular shapes, like Baroque and Keshi. Sometimes combining them with creative combinations of other gems.

So, check out these pearl choices for your favorite Mermaid.

Pearl and Diamond Pendant – $495

You can’t go wrong with a pearl and diamond pendant. Especially, with such a great classic yet fresh design. Because this single pearl drop is so eye-catching in its simplicity, you’ll love the way this pendant looks on. In addition, pearls are highly reflective so they always blend well with your skin tone and whatever you’re wearing.

The total diamond weight of the circle of small diamonds is .08 ct. Crafted in 14K white gold. (Chain not included).


Keshi Pearls – $495

An extraordinary 30-inch long strand of Keshi Pearls with fabulous luster.

Nacre (pronounced nay-ker) is what gives pearls their luster. In your typical pearls, the more layers of nacre the more lustrous the pearl. However, unlike most pearls, Keshi pearls have no nucleus and are ALL nacre! Therefore, as you can see, a remarkably lustrous pearl is the result. With a play of iridescent colors moving within each pearl.

These highly reflective pearls subtly mirror the colors of whatever you’re wearing. So, they’ll go well with most all of your clothing. Very versatile, adorn them with a cocktail dress or with your favorite jeans and a button-down shirt. Professionally strung in an endless 30-inch long strand. Long enough to put on over your head and it can be worn doubled.

pearl bracelet

Classic Pearl Bracelet – $90 & up

The ever-classic Pearl Bracelet is a must for any jewelry box. Pearls go with everything and they’re perfect for every occasion. Especially nice to wear for Christmas and holiday events. For those festive, formal, or just fun outings. Great with formal wear or jeans. It’s a touch of charm for your wrist.

We’re one of the only jewelry stores in Austin that strings pearls and beads and have done so for over 30 years. These pearl bracelets are strung to the standard bracelet length of seven inches long with a sterling silver pearl clasp. However, if you’re buying for a child or small woman we can string them shorter for you than the standard length or longer if you prefer a looser bracelet.

Call us for customized orders, we aim to please!

Olivia B Amethyst Disco Earrings – $400

Be ready for the party or a fun night out with these retro-rrific amethyst disco dangle earrings. From one of our favorite American designers, she’s great at using faceted briolettes in many of her designs. Therefore, the gems pop more because a lot more light comes through the open settings.

Each amethyst is 8mm round and weighs approx. 1.92 ct. for a total amethyst weight of 3.84 ct.

Crafted in 14K yellow gold and dangling from comfortable 14K yellow gold french ear wires. Each earring is 1 1/2 inches long.

Jasper Pendant in Sterling Silver

Jasper Pendant in Sterling Silver – $495

A Jasper pendant in lovely shades of pale blue-gray, cream, russet and tan colors. Jasper is a form of opaque chalcedony. Custom designed and hand-crafted in sterling silver by Chris Copeland. Topping the pendant are a moonstone and two small blue sapphires that bring out the colors of the jasper.