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Best Engagement Rings For Christmas 2020

The holiday season has long been a romantic time of year for wedding proposals. Christmas is such a festive time and a wedding engagement makes it that much more memorable.

So, at Copeland Jewelers we want to help make your season “marry” and bright with our recommendations for the best engagement rings this Christmas season.

Unique Colored Stone Engagement Rings

When it comes to colored gemstones, count on Copeland Jewelers to give you the guidance and knowledge you need to make the perfect choice for your engagement ring.

You need an expert to help educate you so you can make a wise decision for your “forever ring”. Things like an emerald may rank high on the hardness scale but it’s prone to fractures.

Here are our three great choices for Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings.

Shans Sapphire Memo Ring

Iconic Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Make her your Queen with this sensational oval blue sapphire and diamond ring in 18K white gold. Certainly, the most distinctive yet classic engagement ring of modern history.

Very similar in style to the late Princess Diana’s renowned engagement ring. Now famously worn by her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Our sapphire and diamond engagement ring is exemplary of a sophisticated classic style. Most importantly, you’ll love this large oval cut and mesmerizingly blue sapphire of high quality, weighing almost 4 carats (3.86 ct.).

In addition, it’s masterfully crafted in 18K white gold with meticulous beadwork and diamonds set around the sapphire, the outside edge, and halfway down the band. The under gallery’s architectural design beautifully resembles a crown set with small diamonds. To sum it up, this is one of the absolute best engagement rings for Christmas.

big oval aqua ring

Alluring Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Stunning oval Aquamarine weighing over 6 1/2 carats (6.58) is the highlight of this engagement ring. Creating the most alluring color palette of aquamarine blue, white diamonds, and white gold.

This 14K white gold setting is the definition of romance in jewelry. Engraving along with tiny bead and cut out work lends the ring that romantic vintage feel that never goes out of style. Plus, the ring boasts over 1/3 carat of diamonds artfully set around the aquamarine.

Absolutely beautiful design lines and attention to detail.

Tsavorite engagement ring

Tsavorite Garnet, Diamond Engagement Ring

What could be more captivating than this luscious Tsavorite Green Garnet? Definitely the highlight of this stunning engagement ring, the oval garnet weighs almost 1 and 2/3 carats (1.63)! Per the Gemological Institute of America, tsavorites over two carats are rare, stones with deep green, emerald-like color will command the highest prices.

Over 1/2 carats (.56) of striking VVS quality baguette diamonds create the perfect design lines for this masterpiece in platinum.

Sensual green Tsavorites are a good choice for a colored gemstone engagement ring. With that gorgeous emerald-green hue, but sturdier than an emerald. Much better for an engagement ring you’ll want to wear almost every day. They’re the most expensive garnets but a bargain compared to a diamond.

Vintage Style in New Rings

Does your partner have a love for vintage styles in clothes, graphics, and art? People with a sense of history or storytelling gravitate to vintage styles as well as romantics.

Antique jewelry is beautiful but can be fragile and may need repairs. So, we are offering new rings with a vintage style. Quality engagement rings that will last a lifetime.

Beverly K Round Diamond Wedding Ring

Beverley K Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Beverley K are some of the finest in vintage style rings made new and this ring is one of their most popular.

These design lines incorporate a light and easy to wear style she’ll find comfortable enough for everyday wear. In addition, it has a low, flat profile so active women may find this ring easier to wear.

Classic, with just enough character to feel en vogue. Finely crafted in 18K white gold. This mounting is currently set with a CZ center stone. However, we’ll replace it with a diamond or a colored gemstone of your choosing.

If you love vintage and diamond engagement rings, this makes one of the best engagement rings for Christmas.

Beverley K diamond sapphire wedding ring

Classic Art Deco Vintage-Style Engagement Ring

A classic vintage style Art Deco design in a brand new ring from Beverley K using only the finest materials in gold, diamonds, and sapphires. Scrollwork and engraving give you a very romantic, chic feel to a wonderful timeless design.

Masterfully crafted in 18K white gold with meticulous attention to detail including exemplary scrollwork, beadwork, and beautiful engraving reminiscent of the Art Deco era. And, of course, the quintessential blue sapphire highlights.

For versatility, this mounting is set with a CZ center. Allowing you to purchase the type of center stone you prefer. Because we do so much custom work, we’ll be able to help you find and set just the right diamond or colored gemstone you’re wanting.

Classic Diamond Engagement Rings

cushion cut diamond ring

Gorgeous Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Expertly crafted in 18K white gold, the ever-classic diamond engagement ring style is captured in this design. A gorgeous 2.01-carat cushion cut diamond that’s graded G color and VS2 clarity with certificate.

This ring’s design incorporates almost another carat (.84 ct.) of small diamonds, also of high quality.

diamond octagon engagement ring

Art Deco Inspired Modern Octagonal Engagement Ring 

Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother’s incredible sapphire engagement ring. But, have you seen the engagement ring worn by her sister Pippa?

Well, here you see something very similar to Pippa’s bauble. But without the price tag of almost $300,000. Both our ring and Pippa’s ring are highly influenced by Art Deco styling and exceptionally crafted of luxurious 18K white gold. Plus, both rings incorporate a diamond halo; updating the style for a more current feel.

Another nod to the art deco style, the focal point to Pippa’s ring is an Asscher cut diamond. It’s similar to an emerald cut but with larger, wide-set steps and almost octagonal in shape and must be cut from very clean rough. Hence, the high price tag of Pippa’s ring.

In our ring, we love how the smaller center diamonds are designed and expertly set to look like one large Asscher cut diamond. A brilliant idea (pun intended). So, with a little ingenuity and high quality smaller stones, this design puts together a spectacular effect. As a result, it’s a fraction of the price.

Our ring incorporates a total diamond weight of almost 1 and 1/3 ct. (1.31 ct.) to achieve this look.

Come into Copeland’s in Austin, Texas for further advice on finding the best Christmas engagement rings for her.

We’ve made Austinites happy for almost 40 years when choosing or creating their own custom engagement ring for their Christmas proposal.

Copeland’s carries a variety of classic wedding and engagement rings alongside our more unique wedding jewelry with a personal touch. Plus, we’ve always specialized in custom work and colored gemstones for all occasions.

So, if you’re wanting a custom ring, please give us a call or email us about your needs. Better yet, come in and see us! Be assured, you’ll find no stuffy people here looking down their noses if you’re not wanting a giant diamond. We will happily show you engagement rings with diamonds or we can show you artsy, unique, one-of-a-kind rings as well. Above all, we’re here to help!