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These 5 Colors Are Essential for Your Jewelry this Fall

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A fashionable dresser is always in tune with the seasons, from their clothes to their shoes to their fine jewelry. The traditional colors of fall, largely inspired by autumn leaves and autumn harvests, are sometimes bright and sometimes deeper and more earthy. Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and greens are everywhere this time of year, and there’s more than enough variation in those colors for every outfit and skin tone. Make yourself a fashion icon this season by expertly working fall colors into your jewelry collection!

Red ruby necklace with diamonds.


Rubies are probably most people’s first image when they think of red jewelry. This red version of sapphire comes in a variety of shades; for autumn, we recommend both the bright, pure red of an apple and the darker, almost-purple red for a surprising take on the stone.

Garnet is also available in a variety of red shades and is usually less expensive than a comparable specimen of ruby. Red stones are often paired with diamonds for contrast but consider mixing it up this time of year with a combination of garnet and moonstone instead. And gemstones aren’t the only option for red jewelry – red coral can be set beautifully. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something both elegant and non-traditional!

orange jeweled necklace


Orange gemstones are less abundant than most other colors, but there are still some beautiful options. Sapphires and garnets are both available in brilliant orange shades, and they look extremely striking when surrounded with tiny diamonds or set in silver because the coolness of the white or silver highlights the deep, warm orange tone.

Enameling is another great option if you’re looking for orange jewelry because it can be done in a variety of colors, and it often has a warm, vintage feel that’s perfect for fall.

Clays fire opal pendant


There are a number of surprising choices when it comes to yellow jewelry – think yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires, in shades ranging from pale to intense.

Just like orange gemstones, diamonds and silver settings can really highlight a beautiful shade of yellow. Pearls, of course, can be found in just about every color, but they’re particularly striking and surprising in yellow shades.

Consider a strand of mixed freshwater pearls, which will likely include some pale yellow beads, or make a statement with golden yellow South Sea pearls for a much deeper color.

Naturally, yellow gold is a great option for this time of year, either as a setting for gemstones or on its own as a simple necklace or intricately linked bracelet.

chocolate pearl diamond pendant with a leather cord.


Topaz is available in several shades, but it’s usually thought of as an orangey-brown gemstone, and it pairs beautifully with yellow gold. Also, consider chocolate pearls and chocolate diamonds for a surprising take on the color.

Bronze-toned metals make beautiful settings, such as a vintage or antique piece made of actual bronze or a lovely modern setting in rose gold.

Green diamond ring.


Autumn greens can be light, or they can be dark, which allows for options in this color family. Peridot is usually a lighter, yellow-green shade that pairs well with oranges, browns, and golds.

For a darker, deeper green, consider emeralds, which are particularly fall-worthy when set in yellow gold. For dark green options that are likely to be less expensive than emeralds, think about tsavorite garnet or tourmaline.

Copeland Jewelers carries gems and jewelry in all of these fabulous shades. Don’t forget that we can always work with you to create a custom piece to your personal specifications, and we can also clean, polish, and repair fall-colored jewelry that’s already a part of your beloved collection.