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10 Signs a Wedding Proposal Is on the Way

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You’ve been waiting for the big day, and you’re wondering whether it’s finally on the way. If you’ve felt ready to get engaged for a while, but your romantic partner has been less eager, you’ve probably been waiting (im)patiently for a grand, down-on-one-knee gesture.

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Here Are 10 Marriage Proposal Signs You Can Be on the Lookout For!

  1. You catch them looking online at engagement rings – Now, we’re not suggesting you spy on your honey, but if you happen to look over their shoulder and notice they’re scrolling through pictures of rings, or if you borrow their laptop or phone and see ads for fine jewelry all over the place, chances are good they’re in the midst of a big decision.
  2. They’re suddenly protective of their electronic devices – If your significant other suddenly becomes super skittish and protective about their phone, computer, or tablet when they’re not usually that way, they may be trying to hide conversations with your friends about what sort of ring to get you.
  3. They’re suddenly working overtime a lot or being super frugal – Maybe your sweetheart has always been good about living within their means, but suddenly they’re taking every opportunity to score some extra cash and being a lot more careful with money than usual. They could be saving up for a big, sparkly purchase.
  4. You notice they’re always playing with your hands – If your partner is uncharacteristically interested in holding your hand or playing with your fingers, they may be trying to size up your ring finger so they can size a ring.
  5. They seem to have a new interest in jewelry – Your honey has never paid much attention to fine jewelry before, but suddenly they’re asking questions about the pieces you wear, commenting on other people’s engagement rings, and dropping phrases like “princess cut” and “bezel set.” Or maybe your friends are suddenly asking prying questions about jewelry – someone is definitely trying to figure out your tastes!
  6. They get nervous when other people ask about when you’re going to get married – Many couples who have been together for a while are used to family, friends, and even strangers asking when they’re going to tie the knot, and you’ve probably come up with a standard response. If your partner suddenly seems flustered when other people bring up marriage, they may be worried about accidentally blowing a big surprise.
  7. You’re having a lot more conversations about weddings and engagements – Whether you’re discussing friends’ plans or hypothetical situations, if your sweetie is suddenly bringing up these topics all the time, they probably have weddings and engagements on their mind for good reason.
  8. They’re openly planning for your future together – If you realize that you and your significant other are constantly talking about topics such as having kids, buying houses, or other future plans, marriage is probably on both your minds.
  9. You’re taking a vacation soon – Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a big trip, an out-of-town change of pace often provides the perfect setting for a proposal. Be especially suspicious if your honey insists on making most of the plans on their own!
  10. There’s a holiday or other special day coming up – If Christmas, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or your birthday is on the horizon, those are also perfect opportunities for your loved one to pop the question!

We know how hard it is to wait until you hear the words “Will you marry me?” and we assure you that it will happen when the time is right.

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