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Zoom Necklaces and Jewelry for Christmas

Zoom necklaces and jewelry for Christmas gifts? That’s right, Zoom jewelry is a growing trend in all the video conferencing, Zoom calls, and Instagram moments.

On a small screen, the right jewelry can easily set the tone or your mood for any online event, from boardroom professionals to online happy hours.

Here are some quick and easy ways to make that tracksuit or T-shirt look more put together… at least from the chest up.

Categories to Fit Your Style

  • Statement pieces like large necklaces, earrings, and colors that pop are easily noticed in poor lighting
  • Heavy chains or multiple layers of chains and pendants show up easily online
  • Chokers and collar length necklaces, since you’re only seen from the chest up

Zoom Statement Pieces

Necklaces and earrings with some substance or electric colors keep you from getting lost in all the poorly lit face time.

Necklaces & Pendants

Clays Blue Geode pendant necklace perfect for zoom meetings

Fabulous shades of glowing blue are why we picked this Custom-made Geode Pendant. Its statement is color! And, that beautiful blue will definitely show up on screen.

Here you can even see the crystalline features of the geode. About the size of a quarter and hand-crafted at Copeland’s in 14K yellow gold. A little blue topaz perfectly complements the geode.

Wear on a leather cord or 16-inch chain. Chain, cord not included.

Bellarri Amethyst White Onyx worn by Nelleen McCormick

Bellarri’s White Onyx & Amethyst Anastasia Pendant in Rose Gold. Now, a special offering for the holidays at 50% off

There’s something very soothing and calming about this piece. Maybe it’s the mental peace and calm that amethyst is believed to imbue into rosary beads or maybe it’s the dreamy amethyst and rose gold color palette. Or, perhaps it’s the “pillow” shape of the white onyx. Whatever does it, it’s a blissful combination.

If you feel like you or the group might need a little natural tranquilizer for your call, try this pendant. From award-winning American designer, Bellarri.

Banded Carnelian Pendant custom designed by Clay Copeland

Get noticed in this large Banded Carnelian Pendant. A custom design from artisan Chris Copeland in a sterling silver frame.

Normally you see this deep orange-red stone in chunks. However, this special piece is flat so light passing through it really shows off its color banding. Therefore, to let light through, the frame has been designed without a back.

Lastly, you’ll find accents of garnet and citrine at the top and lower-left corner.

Statement Earrings

Our Lapis Shield Earrings come from one of our most popular American jewelry lines, Olivia B.

Our Lapis Shield Earrings come from one of our most popular American jewelry lines, Olivia B.

Designer Shari Cuartero’s muse, her daughter Olivia, inspires her bright, clean designs with a minimalist flair. Her use of vibrant gems with tiny diamonds in 14K yellow gold creates accessible luxury jewelry.

She also uses unusually shaped stones, like these spikes of lapis, that give her designs a fresh, unique feel.

Stunning Blue Topaz Drop Earrings by Olivia B.

Stunning Blue Topaz Drop Earrings! Not up to a lot of effort? Throw that hair up in a quick twist before your happy hour Zoom call. Then go for these easy-to-put-on hoop earrings to add a little polish to your T-shirt. Visible enough to show up even with your hair down.

Each alluring pear shape, sky blue topaz weighs approx. 4 carats. Set in 14K yellow gold with a small diamond atop each topaz.

Lastly, these topaz dangling from their stylized open hoops of 14K gold are suggestive of hearts hanging from moons. See more Olivia B jewelry.

dangling gold disc earrings

Artsy, fun “Disc-o” Earrings in 14K yellow gold speak loudly, “be gone Covid”.

Dangling gold discs with a high polish create a very reflective surface with movement. Yet it’s the potato chip-like curve that enhances the moving mirror-like reflection.

One tiny diamond on each earring connects the dots (the smaller and larger discs). Comfortable and secure 14K gold lever backs.

Chains & Necklaces To Layer

Both heavy and lightweight Chain Necklaces are proving to be the workhorses of screen time.

Try big chains, visible close to the collar bone, about 16 inches or less. Or, try lightweight chain necklaces and pendants no more than 18 inches long, layered with one another.

Big Chokers and Chains

Heavy-gauge Omega collars in sterling silver are minimalist chic accessories that look great on screen.

Heavy-gauge Omega collars in sterling silver are minimalist chic accessories that look great on screen.

The choker style length shows up great. And, you can wear them singly, layer them with each other or with other necklaces and pendants.

Sterling silver double rope necklace perfect for your Zoom meeting.

Another substantial offering, a Sterling Silver Double Rope Necklace in a wheat chain pattern from our Estate Collection.

It’s sure to give an instant polish to your casual wear and even show up with a button-down collar!

Heavy sterling silver ropes with stylized caps and 14K yellow gold accents are the focal point. Includes a large heavy spring-ring clasp.

Estate yellow gold rope collar chain necklace

A collar length 18K Gold Link Chain Necklace. Wear this on its own or layer it with other necklaces and pendants.

Oval rope links alternate with high polish round links for a sophisticated and versatile style. Goes with everything and a quick and easy way to add a little polish to your look.

A good value from our Estate Collection. 51.6 grams of 18K gold.

Lighter Layered Options

Diamond Station Necklace for zoom calls

Diamond Chain Necklaces that lay just at or below the collar bone will fit your style if you like a lighter layered look. These are extremely versatile and sometimes referred to as “diamonds by the yard”.

Also called station necklaces or station chains for the gemstones you see stationed along the chain. Great when you want some understated bling or when you want to frame another necklace like we do here.

Call us if you’d like to attach lightweight pendants or charms between the diamonds.

The Secret to Easier Layering

necklace chain extension

Do you know about extensions for your chains? Our jewelers at Copeland’s can add 1 to 2-inch lengths to your chain with a second jump ring to attach to your clasp. As a result, you can easily wear your necklace at two different lengths. When layering this makes it so much easier and versatile.

Diamond Wheel Necklaces in white gold or rose gold are the perfect accessory for your Zoom meeting.

Diamond Wheel Necklaces in white gold or rose gold feel timeless in their design because you can’t get more timeless than the wheel.

For a little encouragement during these crazy times, iconic circles have been with us since the beginning, an inspiration for moving forward. In addition, they symbolize the connectedness of everything, like the circle of life.

You’ll find this small pendant is comforting as it moves freely on its matching gold chain, a great stress reliever. Set with small high-quality diamonds all the way around. Wear one singly or layered as shown with other necklaces and chains.

Abstract rose gold pendant with diamonds


This Rose Gold Pendant in a captivating abstract design is one of our favorite pendants in the store.

18K Rose gold flatters all skin tones, even online. Over 1/4 ct. of fine quality small round diamonds accent the 18K White gold spine adding depth to the design.

Wear it on a rose gold or white gold chain. Chain not included.

Mini peace sign necklace in gold

Give peace a chance. Soothe the soul with this Mini Peace Sign in 14K yellow gold, the perfect sentiment for these times.

During this chaos, you may be feeling the need to breathe and be creative. That’s when this mini pendant is great for layering with chains or beads to frame your message of peace. Only as big as Roosevelt’s face on a dime.

A custom design by Clay Copeland.

From Our Estate Collection

David Yurman chalcedony pendant

A David Yurman Chalcedony Pendant. An extraordinary piece of turquoise-colored chalcedony glows as the focal point.

Made in Yurman’s famous duo of sterling silver with yellow gold accents and paired with a 36-inch long John Hardy chain.

Wrap it twice around your neck and it should be the perfect length to get on-screen attention. Or, wear it on a shorter chain.

Screen Worthy Pearls

Today’s popular pearls have a much wider range of shapes and colors, making them extremely versatile.

Tahitian Pearls are the quintessential boardroom accessory. Uniquely shaped Keshi and Baroque Pearls make interesting and lustrous statement pieces that glow through the screen.

Pearls enhance all skin tones and reflect the colors of your clothes, easily complementing you and whatever you’re wearing.

dark tahitian black pearls necklace for zoom meetings

A classic strand of Tahitian Pearls adds polish and confidence to your delivery. Look professional when you have an online meeting with the board or an important client.

Although you want to look sharp, you also want them to focus on what you’re saying, not just on what you’re wearing. As a result, sophisticated Tahitian pearls have reached an iconic level as the quintessential accessory. An ideal gift for CEOs, lawyers, politicians, and all types of professionals.

Measuring a showy but refined 10 – 14mm.

Keshi pearl necklace for Zoom calls.

Part of today’s pearl craze, flower petal-shaped Keshi Pearls. The luster and glow of good quality pearls are absolutely mesmerizing. Absorbing and reflecting all light and colors around them.

The more layers of nacre (pronounced nay-ker) the more lustrous. Therefore, since Keshi pearls are ALL nacre they have more luster than almost any other pearls. And, the historical demand for round pearls, makes Keshis more affordable.

This strand is professionally strung with a high-quality magnetic clasp. As a result, they’re super easy on and off at a moment’s notice.

Baroque pearls with black spinel on white pillow.

Trending and sophisticated, Baroque Pearls & Spinel Beads present bright pops onscreen able to highlight anyone’s image.

Large (about 20mm each) and lustrous baroque pearls contrast beautifully with tiny micro-faceted black spinel beads that sparkle as you move. In addition, a small gold bead at each end of each pearl brings the whole effect together.

At 38 inches long, this necklace can also be doubled around your neck.

Pearl diamond circle pendant

A Pearl & Diamond Circle Pendant that’s a real eye-catcher in its simplicity. The combination of the pearl drop and the diamond circle is both charming and sophisticated.

A beautiful freshwater pearl set in 14K white gold. The total diamond weight of the circle of small diamonds is .08 ct.

Wear this engaging drop pendant on its own or layered with other necklaces. Chain not included.