Watch Repair

Watch repair

Watch Repair Services & Batteries

Watch Repair

For watch repair services & batteries we have a Rolex certified technician that Copeland Jewelers Austin, TX has trusted for 2 decades. He also works on most other watch models as well.

First of all, you will need to bring your watch to us for a repair estimate, this usually takes up to a week to ten days. Our watchmaker will do a complete evaluation on your timepiece in order to give you an accurate quote for repair. Then, we will call you with the estimate. As a result, you will be able to conveniently make a decision over the phone. Then, you may either decide to go ahead with the repair, or you may choose to pick up your watch without the recommended repairs. Copeland Jewelers provides these estimate quotes free of charge.

Some High-End Watches

Keep in mind that some of today’s watch companies require you to send your watch to them for service or they will not warranty it. If you’re not sure, we can help you figure out if your watch falls into this category. We can also be your go-between for this service that must be done via the mail to the manufacturer. Be patient, some of these services from the high-end watch companies can take several months. Typically, you will be given a time estimate and an estimate for charges before any actual work is performed. We will call you with your estimate. If after you receive your estimate, you decide NOT to let the manufacturer perform the services, Copeland Jewelers, Austin, Tx will have them mail the watch back. If no work is performed you will only pay for the charges that we incur for mailing your watch back and forth and possible processing fees from the manufacturer.

Watch Battery Advice

Most watch batteries have a useful life of 18 to 24 months, some can last as long as 5 years. But how long the battery lasts is dependent on the watch and its features, not the battery. It’s bad for your watch to sit with a depleted battery so replacing a watch battery every two years is a good practice. When your second hand skips 3-4 seconds at a time, it’s probably because your battery is low. Many modern watches also have an end-of-life indicator.

Watch Services

  • Battery replacement & time setting
  • Watch cleaning & repairs
  • Watchband sizing
  • Refurbishing the exterior of your watch
  • Refurbishing watch dials