Watch Battery Replacement & Time Setting

Is it time to get your watch battery replaced? When should you get it checked?

  • Your watch has completely stopped and it’s been about a year since your last new one
  • It’s started running slow
  • It runs fast or sporadically
Need watch batteries? We provide affordable batteries and installment for most watches!

Let Our Jewelry Store Replace Your Watch Batteries

Bring your watch to us at Copeland Jewelers so we can check the battery. We can advise you based on the result of the battery check whether or not it should be replaced.

We do watch battery replacement & time setting on most watches. We carry a vast number of batteries and are able to perform our services quickly and affordably.

Watch batteries are normally a quick and easy replacement. However, some watch companies do not honor your warranty if the manufacturer does not perform the replacement of the battery. Or sometimes they allow a dealer of their watches to help you. We can normally advise if your watch falls into this category.

What If It’s Not Just The Battery?

Sadly, at other times it may happen that you need more than just a battery. That’s usually evident immediately upon installation. However, at times it takes a few days before the watch stops running again. So, if it’s not the battery we can take the watch in to get you an estimate for repair. Estimate services are free of charge.

Stop by our shop for watch batteries and be on your way without losing time.

Stop by our shop for watch batteries and be on your way without losing time