Willow Creek Jasper Pendant


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A Willow Creek Jasper pendant by Chris Copeland, here in Austin, Texas. Take a gorgeous sunset with you wherever you go with this stunning pendant.

Always the creative artist, Chris finds beautiful stones and quite often, upcycles materials like vintage coins and vintage silverware to handcraft great looking wearable art.

With this pendant, Chris features a candescent Willow Creek Jasper. Its colors are like that of the Violet Crown sunset, in shades of purple, russet and pinkish red.

Starting with a vintage silver spoon, he carefully breaks it down into pieces. Next, he meticulously reconstructs it into this pendant. In addition, he’s added a nice sterling silver back to protect the stone. Lastly, you can see three deep purple faceted amethysts set into sterling bezels at the bottom of the pendant.

The pendant measures approximately 2 1/8″ (6.95 cm) long.

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Chris Copeland


Sterling Silver




Contemporary, Vintage style