Vintage Silver Moonstone Griffin Pendant



A Vintage Silver Moonstone Griffin pendant from designer and jeweler Chris Copeland. We’re so happy to see the upcycling of this impressive antique silverware. Otherwise, the masterful engraving skills of a bygone era would be forgotten forever. It’s so wonderful to keep their artistic work alive for generations in the future to appreciate.

This piece of vintage dinnerware has an incredible Griffin motif! In addition, the flowers and vines covering the entire piece are no less than exceptional. Obviously, this work was at the hands of a very fine artist and engraver!

Today, another jeweler has taken the reins and respectfully and carefully cut away the extra and turned this beauty into wearable art. Adding a silver bail to hang from a chain or cord and a lovely oval moonstone. The moonstone is the perfect complement to the Renaissance-style art.

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June-Pearl or Moonstone


Chris Copeland


Sterling Silver




Unique, Vintage style