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Intense Tsavorite Garnet ear studs in an eye-catching green that no one can miss! These earrings are great for everyday wear or that perfect simple touch with a formal gown.

Yes, that’s right, these rare vibrant green beauties are garnets. Each one weighs almost 1/2 carat. Times two earrings equal almost a full carat (.96ct.) of tsavorite.

Expertly crafted in 14K white gold with almost 1/3 ct. (.30ct.) of high-quality diamonds surrounding and highlighting these gorgeous green gems.


From American Gem Society, “Kenya is best known for a garnet which is not your typical red garnet – in fact, it’s a grassy green that is brighter and generally “cleaner” than an emerald. This gem is named after Kenya’s Tsavo National Park – the tsavorite garnet. And, for fine jewelry purposes, you can’t find this gemstone anywhere else in the world!” And, “It’s also one of the few gemstones that don’t require (and won’t respond well) to any type of treatment or enhancement. If you’re a gemstone purist, this is the one for you!

Only found in one area in Kenya and neighboring Tanzania, tsavorites are rare. In addition, they were only recently discovered in the 1960s.

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