Tsavorite Garnet Baguette Diamond Ring


A Tsavorite Garnet & Baguette Diamond ring in platinum.

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What could be more captivating than this luscious Tsavorite Green Garnet? It’s definitely the highlight of this stunning ring.

The oval garnet weighs almost 1 and 2/3 carats (1.63)! A fine quality tsavorite over two carats is rarer than an emerald of that size. Per the International Gem Society, tsavorites over two carats are rare, stones with deep green, emerald-like color command the highest prices.

Over 1/2 carats (.56) of striking VVS quality baguette diamonds create the perfect design lines for this masterpiece in platinum.

Sensual green Tsavorites are a good choice for a colored gemstone engagement ring. Because of that gorgeous emerald-green hue. Plus, they’re sturdier than an emerald. So, much better for an engagement ring you’ll want to wear almost every day. And, although they look similar to an emerald they are more brilliant and durable. They’re the most expensive garnets but a bargain compared to a diamond.

Garnets are the birthstone for January.

Tsavorite garnets are believed to:

  • be connected to the origins of love
  • secure a good relationship with your partner
  • improve the clarity of perception
  • open your consciousness about love
  • help you with understanding for your partner

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