Special Teal Blue Sapphire Ring


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A Special Teal Blue Sapphire ring from American designer Philip Zahm. Do you love outstanding and special colored gems? Then you’ll love Philip’s jewelry and his use of exceptional colored gems.

Firstly, the featured gemstone is an absolute stunner! A very special and rare 6 carat teal blue sapphire. It captivates the eye. Notice how the clean “steps” of the the emerald-cut pull your eye into the depths of its deep ocean color. Therefore, showing you how clean this stone is. It has deep, even, balanced coloration, with no color zoning (stripes of color). Unlike a lot of gems, this one is completely natural. In other words, it’s never been heated or treated in any manner. The gem originates from Madagascar, where mining is done through artisanal family-owned mines.

Next, is its very sophisticated 18K white gold setting designed to highlight this special sapphire. To us, this design looks inspired by Art Deco stylings. But then, modern touches appear like the round bezel set diamonds on the sides. Plus, as always Philip Zahm’s designs and craftsmanship are second to none. Almost 2/3 carat (.63 ct.) of high quality diamonds.

Teal Sapphire

Teal sapphires have been gaining increasing popularity for several reasons.

  • Above all, it’s the color of the ocean!
  • It’s become a favorite among Millennials looking for a unique alternative for diamonds.
  • Ethically sourced mainly in Australia. In addition, they come from Montana and family-owned artisanal mines in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Madagascar. These mines are of immense economic benefit to these small communities.

Lastly, be a savvy shopper. We were surprised to find numerous jewelry sites advertising GIA-Certified Teal Sapphires. GIA provides certificates for diamonds only. They do not certify colored gemstones. However, you may get a GIA Report on a colored stone.


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