Special Chrome Tourmaline Pendant


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A Special Chrome Tourmaline pendant like you’ve probably never seen.

At Copeland Jewelers we love colored gems and chrome tourmalines are a favorite. They have a sensual green color that is both deep and vibrant and comparable to emeralds at a fraction of the price. In addition, Spark Creations always features colored gemstones of the best quality.

Chrome Tourmaline 101

Let’s start with a regular, fine green tourmaline. It will be transparent, brilliant, and clean and will boast an attractive bluish-green hue. Most are pleochroic, showing attractive colors in both directions. For instance, bright green from one direction and blue from another, these are the most valuable examples.

Chrome tourmaline is a step up. Per AGS (American Gem Society). Chrome Tourmaline is a special variety of green tourmaline that owes its vivid green hue to trace amounts of chromium and vanadium.” These same elements are responsible for the distinctive pure greens of emeralds and tsavorite garnets (an exquisite type of green garnet). Therefore, the finest chrome tourmalines will resemble fine emeralds and tsavorite, making a wonderful lower-priced option.

A Singular Pendant

Created by one of our most consistent and favorite designers, Spark Creations. With its modern yet timeless design, this pendant feels a little bit like ancient Egypt in its stylings.

Expertly crafted in a visually appealing two-tone design of 18K yellow and white gold. The yellow gold creates melodic, flowing lines while the white gold and diamonds create geometric accents that highlight the chrome tourmaline.

Featuring a knock-out Chrome Tourmaline weighing almost 2-1/2 carats (2.44 ct.). Exhibiting a striking deep, vibrant green color enhanced by its beautiful trillion (triangular) cut.

Surrounding and highlighting the chrome tourmaline are small diamonds set in a clean white gold mounting. Mimicking this triangular mounting of diamonds is another smaller one above, acting as the bail for the chain and balancing the design.

The total diamond weight is almost 1/3 carat (0.30 ct.).

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Tourmaline-Green Chrome