Spark Sapphire Bypass Ring


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A Spark Sapphire Bypass ring with stunning blue sapphires and diamonds. This ring from Spark Creations is an excellent choice for those who prefer a ring that doesn’t stand up so high. It’s like a cross between a ring and a band, it sits lower but still has a lot of dimension. This style makes this ring easy to wear every day, especially with diamonds and sapphires, the two hardest gems on the planet.

First and foremost, these blue sapphires are totally engaging. Just like diamonds, not all sapphires are created equal, and these are a cut above. These matching gemstones display a color of beautiful depth, in a vivacious, lively blue. You can always depend on Spark Creations to use the best-colored gemstones and diamonds in their jewelry.  Each sapphire weighs over 1/2 carat for a total sapphire weight of well over a full carat (1.10 ct.)

Masterfully crafted in 18K white gold that creates a background to make the blue really pop. Excellent craftsmanship has excelled at creating the clean, crisp lines necessary to make this simple design look so special. This craftsmanship and the heft of the gold give this ring the look and feel of high quality.

Highlighting it all is 0.42 carat high quality, bright white diamonds for a beautifully striking contrast to the deep blue.

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