Spark Opal Door Knocker Pendant


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A Spark Opal Door Knocker pendant with diamonds and 18K gold. A very notable piece of jewelry from Spark Creations. If you know anything about Spark, you know about their extraordinary colored gemstones. It’s what they’re known for!

Featured here, is a 2-1/4 carat Ethiopian white opal with remarkable fire and flash. Enjoy the light show of ethereal “Northern Lights” within a piece of stone from the Earth. This opal has lovely pops of blue, orange and green. And, like most Opals, this one is like looking into a crystal ball with floating translucence and flashing colors.

Small diamonds surround the opal, enough to highlight the opal, not distract from the main attraction. Total diamond weight is about 1/3 carat.

We love the fact that they used two-tone gold for this design, 18K yellow for the main part and 18K white for the diamonds and opal prongs.

Another nice feature is the low profile basket settings that lift up the opal to let in more light and color.




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October-Opal or Tourmaline




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