Spark Double Moonstone Pendant



A Spark Double Moonstone pendant with an aura that just feels magical! We’ve carried Spark Creations jewelry for decades and for good reason. We know we can count on falling in love with every colored gemstone they use. Every single gem is exceptional, full of beautiful color and always brilliant and mesmerizing. There’s never a dull stone to be found.

Quite possibly my favorite pendant in the store. Partly due to that ethereal moon-like glow called adularescence coming from the dual moonstones weighing almost 6 carats (5.91ct.). Mesmerizing and magical. This phenomenon appears as a soft glow floating beneath the surface of the polished gem like moon glow through a thin cloud cover. Plus, the blue sapphire perfectly harmonizes with the ethereal barely-blue moonstones, making the perfect bridge between the two. The sapphire is almost a 1/4 carat (.23ct.). Blue sapphire and moonstone are an ancient combination.

Its fabulous design also makes this a favorite! Like a timeless song, this pendant design doesn’t fit into any single genre. But perhaps Art Noveau might be its closest relatives. And, like a classic song, this piece coordinates flawlessly across most all design styles.

Quality Is In The Details

  • Notice how the diamonds taper around each moonstone like a shadow would. Almost 1/4 ct. total diamond weight.
  • Low profile basket settings beneath the stones lift them up allowing light to enter them for enhanced colors and affect.
  • 18K white gold.

Moonstone is a birthstone for June.


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June-Pearl or Moonstone




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Moonstone, Sapphire – Blue