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A Spark Creations Ruby Teardrop pendant is a striking yet understated piece of wearable art featuring the king of gems. From the beginning of human civilization ruby has been one of the most important and prized gemstones. Ruby in ancient Sanskrit is called ratnaraj, or “king of precious stones.”

Known for their use of exceptional colored gemstones, here, Spark Creations features a beautiful .60 carat ruby of fabulous red. Boasting that perfect deep red that rubies have been famous for for centuries. In addition, the stone is clean and exhibits a nice oval cut to light the stone up to its finest.

Our ruby is snuggled into the elongated diamond frame like an egg in a swallow’s nest. This design both highlights and protects the ruby. But, keep in mind, along with sapphire, ruby is the hardest colored stone.

Next, small diamonds are set on the entire teardrop frame with a total diamond weight of .21 carats.

Masterfully crafted in 18K white gold.

History & Lore

The July birthstone, ruby, is the gem of love, romance & passion, health, power & protection.

  • In traditional Hindu astrology ruby is recognized as the Gemstone of the Sun as well as Surya, the leader of the nine heavenly bodies. Therefore, wearing and worshipping them brings favor from the Sun to the wearer.
  • We associate ruby with real love, of the passionate and faithful type. Therefore, rubies have long been held as the perfect wedding stone.
  • It connects you with your sense of power, your self-confidence, and determination. For example, Dorothy’s ruby slippers!

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