Silver Tahitian Pearl Earrings


Silver Tahitian Pearl Earrings of shimmering, reflective beauty. Alluring and beautiful, they’ll definitely be the classiest earrings at the party. Dangling fabulously from diamond figure 8s.

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Scintillating in a cocktail dress. Stately and romantic in formal wear.

These large, extra-fine pearls measuring 11.5mm are the unsurpassed standard of elegance. Their highly reflective characteristics make it obvious these are extra-fine quality pearls.

Beautiful settings are skillfully crafted in 18K white gold. In addition, they are masterfully studded with over 1/2 a carat (.58) total diamond weight.

Pearls have long been considered the Queen of Gems. Tahitian pearls are currently trending at the top of the pearl strand ladder. And, these earrings are top rung Tahitian pearls.

Pearls are the birthstone for June and celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary.

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June-Pearl or Moonstone




White Gold 18K