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A Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring of impeccable character. She’ll feel like royalty every day you’re married in this iconic oval sapphire and diamond style engagement ring. Bringing to mind the oval sapphire in Lady Di’s renowned engagement ring, currently worn by her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton. Make it a memorable day proposing with the most distinctive yet classic engagement ring of modern history.

Or, worn on the right hand it becomes a fabulous cocktail ring.

Why a Sapphire?

Sapphires are beautiful, brilliant and strong. So, they’re one of our favorites of all time for engagement rings. All of us at Copeland Jewelers have blue sapphires in our wedding rings.

Sapphires come in a multitude of colors. And, they’re the hardest stone besides diamond. Therefore, making them a great choice for a ring you plan on wearing most everyday.

Sapphires look equally good set in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. So, if years from now you want to change your setting, you won’t feel confined to one metal.

A Stunning Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Our sapphire and diamond ring exudes classic sophistication. Something that never goes out of style.

First and foremost, a gift from Mother Earth like no other, a large oval, mesmerizing blue sapphire weighing 3.86 ct. (almost 4 ct.). A very high-quality sapphire of deep blue. Secondly, masterfully crafted of 18K white gold.

Meticulous beadwork and diamonds are set around the sapphire, the outside edge and halfway down the band. The architectural design of the under gallery is set with small diamonds, beautifully resembling a crown.

With the largest diamonds surrounding the sapphire, the total diamond weight is just over 2/3 of a carat or .68 ct. of high-quality diamonds.

Modern Day History Of The Iconic Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Initially, Princess Di’s engagement ring choice was disapproved of by the Royal family and the media. Referred to by the press as the “commoner’s sapphire”. That’s because she chose her outstanding 12-carat Ceylon sapphire ring from a group of rings that could be bought by the “public”. However, most of the public cannot afford a ring of this caliber. But the Queen expected an exclusively made custom ring.

But in spite of the criticism, Lady Di grew to be the most beloved of all royalty. Plus, almost overnight she rose to become a style icon. Everyone celebrated and followed her lead in fashion, including her jewelry. Consequently, oval sapphire and diamond rings became the most sought after style of engagement ring for over a decade.

We’re welcoming its iconic rise again with the more recent royal engagements.

  • In 2010 Lady Diana’s famous blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring finally made its appearance again.  Her eldest son, now Prince William, proposed to Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge with his mother’s beloved ring.
  • The coveted style is trending again. Kate’s brother James proposes with a sapphire and diamond ring as well. However, Alizee Thevenet’s ring shows her own elegant French style. Her blue sapphire is a sensational 5 ct. emerald cut. Enhanced strikingly with a simple, clean diamond baguette on each side. Consequently, her ring looks and feels more Art Deco inspired.

Blue sapphire and diamond rings are now one of the most iconic and best engagement rings in the world.

Sapphire Meanings and Lore

Because blue Sapphire is an ancient gem of love, commitment, and fidelity, it’s no wonder people revere the stone for engagement rings. It strengthens ties and deepens your love for one another. Ridding you of your anxieties and fears in regard to relationships and love.

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