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A Sapphire Cabochon & Diamond ring. Refined elegance becomes alluring with a bottomless blue sapphire cabochon. Because sapphire and ruby are the hardest colored gemstones, this ring is durable enough to make a great everyday ring. Maybe even a wedding ring.

Simply featured is a vivid, deep blue, and mysterious 3-1/3 carat oval sapphire. Above all, a high-polished, domed cabochon cut gives this ring its mesmerizing presence. Undoubtedly, delivering unique style.

Showcasing this unique sapphire is the perfect balance of glimmering diamonds. Firstly, small diamonds encircle the sapphire centerpiece, highlighting it beautifully. Then, little diamonds run halfway down the band. Total diamond weight over 1/3 carat (0.37 ct.).

Skillfully crafted of 14K white gold.

Sapphire History & Lore

Traditionally, sapphire symbolizes fidelity, sincerity, truth and nobility. Hence, its long-standing history as a wedding ring gem. Sapphire ranks as the most popular colored gem for wedding rings. Moreover, it’s the September birthstone and the gem of the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

  • Historically significant as one of the 13 cardinal stones. Revered by royalty and clergy.
  • In ancient Persia it was believed that the earth actually rested on a giant sapphire, making the skies blue.
  • Sapphire has been connected to intuition and spirituality since ancient times.

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