Ruby Cabochon Diamond Ring


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A Ruby Cabochon Diamond ring that makes you understand why rubies are called the king of gems! In fact, the Sanskrit word ratnaraj for ruby means king of gems. In addition, ruby (along with sapphire) is the hardest colored gemstone, and they rank just below diamonds. Therefore, ruby is an excellent choice for a wedding ring.

Deeply saturated in color, this 4.63 ct. ruby cabochon glows. Cabochon refers to the smooth dome-like cut that gives this ring a distinctive and exotic feel. As you can see from the photographer’s reflection in this photo, the ruby has a very clean and highly reflective quality. It’s a stunning ruby!

Masterfully crafted in 18K white gold with about 2/3 carat (.68 ct.) high-quality diamonds.

History & Lore

  • Ruby is July’s birthstone
  • Associated with real love, the passionate and faithful type. So, rubies were the perfect wedding stone.
  • We also commemorate the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries with rubies.
  • Long considered sacred and mentioned numerous times in both the Bible and Sanskrit. Sought after by royalty.
  • It connects you with your sense of power, your self-confidence, and your determination. For example, Dorothy’s ruby slippers!

Being one of the most important gems in the colored gem world, the carat price of fine ruby often far exceeds that of diamonds.

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