Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Band



This Rose Cut Diamond cluster band makes a striking appearance. Very trés chic! There’s nothing cookie cutter here, this is an incomparable diamond band you won’t find on every hand. From French designer Christophe Danhier, this ring really shows off his eye for exquisite design. This will be a gift she’ll always remember! Great as an anniversary band!

First, he starts with a luscious 18K yellow gold setting as the perfect foil to the glowing, sparkling diamonds.

Next, the diamonds. What makes these large oval diamonds standout so much? Obviously the star of the show, these are antique style rose cuts. With fewer and larger facets than today’s usual brilliant cuts, rose cuts were made to glow by yesteryears candlelight. As a result, they stand out with a luminous, ethereal glow. Quite different from the intense sparkle of the more common brilliant cuts.

Diamonds of different sizes come together creating a distinct random-looking pattern in oval and round shapes. Next, pairing this distinct pattern with slightly varying colors is sublime. Faintly champagne-colored rose cut ovals with smaller white round diamonds creates luminously divine jewelry. With this band, Danhier creates a fabulous marriage between soft, romantic vintage and modern brilliance.  Total diamond weight is nearing three carats (2.82 carats).

Rose Cut Diamonds

Resembling a blooming rose, the rose cut has a dome at its peak and triangular facets as its petals. The bottom of the stone is flat, without a point. Without the pointed bottom, light moves through the diamond. Turning the light into a dreamy glow rather than the typical intense sparkle of modern cuts. Creating beautiful special effects for your diamond band.

One of the oldest cuts, rose cuts have been around since at least the 1500s, as evidenced by the famous 35 carat Beau Sancy diamond. Discovered and cut at least 400 years ago and selling in 2012 for $9.5 million. In 1610 the jewel sat at the very top of Marie de Medici’s crown.

Since then rose cuts have come back into style many times over the centuries and they’re growing in popularity again. They lend exceptional variety to today’s designers. For one reason, without a pointed bottom rose cuts can be made into myriad shapes. All with that sophisticated aura. As an added bonus, a rose cut looks bigger than its modern cut counterpart of the same weight. Again, it’s because they’re flat on the bottom. Therefore, with this flat bottom, all of your diamond’s carat weight is visible on top.




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Christophe Danhier


Yellow Gold 18K