Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Band


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A Rose Cut Diamond cluster band from French designer Christophe Danhier. Very tres chic! With a style way beyond the cookie cutter diamond bands out there.

First, he starts with a luscious 18K yellow gold setting as a foil to the glistening diamonds. This is no light weight ring, it has a little heft to it and it feels good on the hand. Precision goldsmith work makes the quality of this band obvious.

Next, the diamonds. Ooh-la-la! What makes these standout? The larger diamonds are vintage style rose cuts, with fewer facets than today’s usual brilliant cuts. They were made to glow by yesteryears candlelight. As a result, you see a lovely contrast between them and the smaller diamonds. These rose cuts stand out with an ethereal glow and luster against the intense sparkle of the brilliant cuts. It creates the perfect marriage between soft, romantic vintage and modern brilliance.

2.82ct. total diamond weight.



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Christophe Danhier


Yellow Gold 18K