Philip Zahm Sapphire Ring


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A Philip Zahm Sapphire ring that’s great as a right hand ring or perfect as that special engagement ring.

What could be more special than this stunning 1.41 carat blue sapphire? Philip Zahm always features the finest in high quality colored gemstones. Overall, this one is exemplary of why blue sapphire is the standard by which all other blue stones are measured. Everything about this gem is perfect.

  • An extraordinary, deep vivid blue color. Perfection!
  • It’s a very clean stone with no imperfections to distract the eye.
  • In addition, the sapphire is perfectly cut to show off its extra fine qualities.

This design is perfect too. Philip Zahm is so good at letting Mother Nature’s art be the highlight, never overpowering an exceptional gem with too much. Setting the sapphire horizontally across the ring is very pleasing to the eye. Plus, it shows off the oval stone better. Designing this ring with a trillion diamond on each side of the sapphire frames this remarkable gem and highlights it. Next, a smattering of small diamonds on each side of the band draws your eye, once again, to the main feature…. that velvety blue sapphire.

Masterfully crafted in  luscious 18K white gold. Over 1/2 carat (.54 ct.) diamond total weight.

History & Lore

Sapphire is an ancient and historically significant gemstone. Therefore, it’s no wonder it’s:

  • September’s birthstone
  • the most popular colored gem for wedding rings
  • and the gemstone used to celebrate the 5th and the 45th anniversaries.

Revered and worn by royalty and considered important for religious purposes for centuries. Because sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, it was an obvious choice for wedding rings long before diamonds. You may remember Princess Di’s famous blue sapphire engagement ring that is now worn by Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton.

Significantly, some believe sapphire attracts heavenly blessings. That sounds wonderful!

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