Opal & Tsavorite Gold Pendant


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An Opal & Tsavorite Gold pendant, one-of-a-kind and custom made by Chris Copeland. Here’s a new pedant we’re all gushing over! Between the fiery opal, the green garnet tsavorites and the design, this one is everybody’s favorite. You’ll find yourself reaching for this pendant to wear all the time.

First and foremost, a super opal weighing almost 6 carats (5.98 ct.). This vibrant Ethiopian opal graded XF (extra fine) is alive with fire and flashes. Outbursts of neon green, yellow, orange and red spontaneously radiate throughout the gem.

Very few gems could hold a candle to this opal. That’s why the designer chose these intense green tsavorites (pronounced sa-vor-ite) to pair with it. From the garnet family, these little screamers are brilliant enough to complement the opal’s green flashes. Much more durable and cleaner than emeralds, we just love tsavorites.

Specially designed and crafted by Chris Copeland in 14K yellow gold. This refined, sleek design shows off these incredible gifts from Mother Nature superbly. A great minimalist design, executed precisely, allowing the main feature to be the opal’s light show.

Opal is October’s birthstone.

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January – Garnet, October-Opal or Tourmaline


Greens, Oranges


Chris Copeland


Yellow Gold 14K




Opal, Tsavorite